Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's in a Name?

Ok, so I know that my blog has a really long name! This is a phrase that seems to be on my heart every time I pray for or think about adoption. Here's what I LOVE about our Lord. . .He uses the physical to teach us about the spiritual. I love the fact that in adoption we are able to "act out" what He has done for us in the spiritual realm. So, in adopting God is giving me the opportunity to provide for a child what He has already done for me. To give me a home, a hope and a future where there was none!! How cool is He! He knows how I need word pictures to remember things and I can't wait for all He's going to teach me about Him through this process. Already people have asked me why the heck I'd want to go to Liberia, why not a beautiful country that I'd want to travel to for vacation? Immediately, I thought of Jesus. He chose to leave paradise and come here just to adopt me!

So, keep checking b/c here is where I'll share my heart. I was so thankful for Jackie Sue who shared through her blog the journey of what God taught her in the adoption process of both Davie Ann and Eliana Joy! Now, I am excited to share so many other journeys (hint: check out the blogs I've linked below. Rachel's really inspired me to blog and adopt. . .not in that order!)

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Becky said...

Hi Brandi,
I just discovered your blog and wanted say that I love the name you've chosen for your blog and the significance behind it. It will be exciting to follow your journey. I'll add your adoption journey to my prayer list.

<>< Becky Avella