Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A failed Test

Apparently, all you have to do to get blog comments is say that no one's reading. . .maybe this comment offended my stalkers so they came out of the closet! Ok, so most of you aren't real stalkers since I gave you my blog (yes, I emailed it out to everyone I know) Is that a desparate cry for my friends to read it? I'm not sure what that says about me?? hmmmm

Well, 2 more things down. I went to the police station and got our local police clearance (they even let me get Greg's!!) Thanks to Jess for watching Brayden so I could go with just Gracie! Yes, I thought that would be the hard part of the day. . .you know, gov't agencies can take forever. But, no the longest wait was later. Monday afternoon, our whole family had doctor's appointments. Greg and I needed to get our physicals done, Gracie needed shots and Brayden had to go for a check up. So, our appointment was at 2:15 pm. . .I knew we'd be there a while (our doctor is always running behind and we did have a LOT to do!) However, I was NOT expecting to be there for 3 hours. Yes, you read that right. We didn't pull out until 5:15! I was fuming! 3 hours! WITH an appointment!!! It meant I was 45 min late to bring our friends dinner (they decided to adopt domestically and got matched with a baby before their homestudy was even completed!!. . but that's a great story for another time!) and 30 min. late to our staff meeting. I was so mad I was just shaking. I could stop my leg from kicking /twitching. The whole time I'm thinking "he just doesn't care about OUR schedules" "How dare they" "I have better things to do than sit in a waiting room with 2 small children"

Needless to say, I failed that test! God has been teaching me about trusting Him, Getting all I need from Him so I can give and give to others, not complaining. . .all of that and more and now God gives me a wonderful opportunity to live it out. . .and I miss the boat completely! I pray that the next time I get frustrated, I will get control of my emotions, bring them in line with God's truth and choose to offer grace to those around me!

Oh yeah, one more thing (man, my blogs always turn out to be really long!) our dinner Monday night was a staff dinner for our church. It was so nice to spend time together. Pastor Jon talked for a while and then went around the table and asked each person (there are 12 of us, I think?!) what they were learning. I love that! I love hearing where other people are in their journeys. Maybe that's why I love blogging to so much! One of the things that stuck out to me that Pastor Jon said was from Joshua 3. He was talking about Joshua preparing the people for God to move. Joshua told the people, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you." He created anticipation among the people which prepared them for the parting of the river the next day. The people were on the edge of their seats, primed and ready for God to do something amazing. They were ready to walk into a roaring river and see Him part it. SO, the question is. . .do you create and live in a spirit of anticipation? Do I, as a leader, create an expectancy for God to show up "tomorrow and do amazing things among you"? What a challenge. This goes hand in hand with no complaining. No negative attitudes. No questioning God and his sovereignty. Just a trust in Him that is unshakable and a attitude of sitting on the edge of my seat and urging others to do the same as we watch for God to do amazing things among us.

Love ya,


mommy zabs said...

Oh i totally hate being in a waiting room for long periods of times with the boys! Talk about a test! :) Good words though.

On people commenting- most people don't. I have been shocked at who i found out read my blogs FOR YEARS NOW! In fact a few months ago 3 strangers came out and told me they have been reading me practically since the beginning! If you watch your stats you will see that way more come and read than comment :)

And in the blogesphere we call them BLURKERS :) I'm telling you that just to build on your blogging nerdhood. Nerdiness loves company :)

amber said...

I'm so glad its not just our Doctor's office! I actually feel much better having read your post... so, at least all your suffering wasn't completely in vain! :)
We often wait over an hour... (sometimes more) even with an appointment. And if we just show up as a "walk-in" -- YIKES! You can write off the entire day!
Just thought I'd empathize with you!

Laura said...

ummm... no blog about Gracie's big day? Can you upload the video?

Brandi said...

Yes, I am trying to upload video! I don't think I can upload from my cell phone, but I'm working on uploading video from my digital camera. I've got to figure out how to change the file!

Lindsey said...

to upload a video use youtube. Allison does it all the time and it works really well to post right to your blog! :-)

Lindsey said...

p.s. Have fun at lunch with Lindsey M. today. She is such a sweetheart!!

cassie said...

ok, so the sharing what you're learning comment. i know you loved that part of the evening. i hated it! being put on the spot to share what i am learning in a 2 minute talk... i can't do it! plus, i struggle with the whole, "what I am learning will sound dumb compared to everyone else" thing. next time, i would like a little advance notice.

Campbell's Hope said...

Hey brandi, we are from birmingham alabama,just a short drive to Orlando..LOL.....I would love to chat with you.I hope all of your paper work is going well.'

Jackie P. said...

ok - I am way behind, but I just read this. Your thoughts on Joshua really spoke to me! We were waiting and waiting for God to speak to us about moving and all of a sudden we are in a whirl wind of what's to happen next. Den got the job (in the same town where his sister works, no less - for an unadvertised position- yes, He truly is amazing). Now we are hoping God will bring a family to buy our home (or at least help Gayle find that family).

Miss you - love you too!