Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paperwork Update

We just got in the mail our fingerprinting appointments!! Yeah! I also went and got our passport size photos (needed for our dossier) and printed the pics of our house. . .by the way, did you know CVS charges 7.99 for passport photos? What a rip-off when it is on the same paper and is smaller than a $.25 4x6!!! Anyways, we're just about to the point where I've done all I can do!

Still left. . .
filling out the 864 (I'm doing this in the car tonight!)
Health Insurance (still waiting for info on what to do)
Med. appointment (on monday)
homestudy appointment (next monday)
our local police clearance (monday morning)

Waiting. . .
on the gov't to send us . . .clearance on our local and national background checks
on Cathy's report for our homestudy. . .(obviously, after our appointment with her!)
on my friends to write reference letters
on VitaChek to send my birth certificates

That's it!! We're hoping to be completely done by Next Monday (the 25th) and just start the waiting! This will be the hardest part. Once everything is sent in to Acres of Hope, we wait 1-4 months for a referral and then 6-9 months to travel. We'll be so happy to have a Picture of our child (hopefully by Thanksgiving. . .at least by Christmas!) My parents even framed a map of Liberia on their "grandkids" wall!


Rae said...

Whoa, babe, don't get ahead of yourself! Referral to travel will be more than 6 months. Count on 4-5 (maybe 6) just to get through courts. Then you still have 1 month for passport and 2-8 weeks for the visa pre-appointment and travel. Just don't want you to be disappointed down the road! :) So MAYBE you could get through it all in 6 months, but I sure as heck wouldn't count on it! Call it 9 and you should be about right (or pleasantly surprised).

Anonymous said...

I agree! Rip off with CVS!! We thought the same thing for the passport size photos!! Love, Denise