Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thanks for joining!

Thank you to the girls who are joining me on our challenge. Sunday, Jen M, Jennifer B, Nancy and my Mom. I think some of my Thursday girls will be joining us too!

Personally, I am so overwhelmed when you guys get excited for the process and especially when you join me in this "fasting" of sorts. I love when God lays things on people's hearts at the same time. Every time someone emails me or tells me how Liberia has been on their heart, it brings tears to my eyes. Just this morning I got an email from Jennifer and she was talking about how she couldn't stop thinking about it and even made the choice not to buy "extras" at CVS (which b/c they sell everything is super hard!). Reading that actually made me cry. I know, what am I pregnant or something? I'm not super emotional but I am completely touched. It's like when you have friends who just love your kids. . that's a way into a special part of a mom's heart.

I swear now, everything I see I figure out how many kids that would feed. Not that I'm never going to eat fast food or buy clothes, I'm just aware of it now. I'm very excited. . .personally, I went to buy Brayden a toy at Walmart and chose not to (I was just trying to pacify him b/c he was sick and whiney!) so I saved $20. Then, at dinner last night, my parents decided instead of ordering in, we would just cook and saved $80. Then, my mom called me late last night and decided to ride with my dad instead of take a cab on Friday which will add $50!!! I was also able to turn in my aircard for my computer which saved $720 for the year. So far, our fund has $870!!! That will feed lots of children! More than that though, He's using this process, along with my study of Daniel to open my eyes to indulgence and how I can say "no" to stuff and say "yes" to Him instead!!! I'll keep you updated. . .now I'm just looking for things in my house to sell. . .and loving it. . .who knew?!


Rae said...

Nice new template! I like this simple, clean look.

The map is driving me crazy! Why won't it do what's it's stinking supposed to do and what it says right there it will do! Sheesh. You can't even trust computer programs these days!!! :P

So there, now you have a comment from me in addition to the 42 emails you get from me DAILY! You're harder to satisfy than I am! :)

Lindsey said...

I wanted to let you know that DJ and his wife Lindsey are in the process of getting their adoption paper work in for Ethiopia. I gave Lindsey your blog address so she could read about your journey.