Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Awards

I won an AWARD!!! Yes, I never win anything, but Mommy Zabs
presented me with this Rockin' Girl Blogger Award last week! Things have been crazy, as you all know, so I haven't given out my awards until now. By the way, if you're looking for a great blog, check out Mommy Zabs. She's hilariously funny, sweet and very random! She blogs about life, politics, mommyhood and her love for Jesus. . not in that order! So, go check out the blogs I'm highly recommending. They all share their real journeys and blog quite frequently (2 of the things I was looking for!)

So now (drumroll please) the awards for Rockin' Girl Bloggers go to. . . .

1. My Journey. . . This is Jess' journey through the adoption of a little African American boy through the state system. She also happens to be one of my best friends in the world and the mommy of my future daughter in law, Abbie!

2. Rachel's Blatherings These are Rae's thoughts as she travels the adoption journey to get Spencer (see my last post) and Siah home from Liberia. She also has become a very good friend through emails and phone calls.

3. Staying the Course This is the blog of Robin from Alabama. A sweet, Southern mama of 5 who is now adopting a little boy in Liberia who needs to get home quick. Keep her on your radar for the next few months b/c they will be quite a journey of Trust and I know she'll share it all with us!

4. Just some of Laura's Ramblings This is the the blog of my sister-in-law, Laura. She's a wonderful girl and the best aunt ever so you'll see lots of pictures of my kids!

5. Jackie Sue This is the blog of a dear friend at church who has adopted twice from China. She is now home and blogs about life at home with her newest little one, Eliana Joy. I'd HIGHLY suggest going back in her blog and reading her whole journey. She truly blogs her heart and her journey with Jesus and you'll grow closer to the Lord just reading it!

This doesn't even count: Jocelyn , Jen , Charity , Amber , Amy and a hundred other blogs I check regularly! But, I guess I have to leave others for you guys to tag! Girls, if you were awarded, you need to save the award to your computer and award 5 more girls!

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