Monday, July 30, 2007

We're Going to Liberia

Yes, we are planning a trip to Liberia this fall. No, we will not be picking up Davis. . .ok, I probably need to start at the beginning, huh?

During this whole process, as many of you know, God has really placed in me a desire to assist AoH in their relief projects. This is why we started, Fasting for Feeding (check my older post by that name if you don't know what I'm talking about). In the end, I planned on just going to some families I know and asking if they'd like to support AoH. So, one day, I'm sharing this dream of helping fundraising with Donna. She said, "the best way to help anyone understand is to just bring them here." I initially thought she meant after Davis was home. However, I won't be wanting to leave Davis home alone 6 months after he comes home, nor will I want to trek him back to Africa. This means, I will probably be not taking a trip of this magnitude for at least 1 year after he's home or 1 1/2 years from now. "No," she said, "I mean now. . .whenever they can came." SO, Greg and I started praying. This would be a HUGE thing on many levels. . .who would come? How could we afford it? How about meeting Davis and leaving him there? Again, let's just go back to praying. Well, Greg and I have now been praying about this for a few weeks. Last night, I went to Greg and laid out a few things God has laid on my heart:
1. The new knowledge that Acres is literally having to turn people away b/c there isn't enough space. This makes building that new complex a life or death issue.
2. The lack of a way to truly impress upon someone the importance without a sensory experience,
3. I had studied the Greek translation of James 1:27. Literally translated it says to "visit" the orphans and widows in their distress. We usually translate it "care for". Isn't it interesting, I thought. You can "care for" people you do not spend time with. . .i.e. send money to. However, it is difficult to not care for people you "visit". The Lord chose that phrase for a reason I believe. It is so important to open our hearts, not just our wallets to truly "visit" people in their distress. To allow their pain to become our own.
Greg's reply was, "I think our answer will come in whatever you find at the post office tomorrow". Let me back up a bit. Greg has been very concerned about something at work. On Saturday, we arrived home to find a USPS note saying that we had missed an Express Mail Package addressed to Greg. He was very nervous that this would be bad news concerning his business. So, he wanted me to go straight to the post office this morning to check it out. He basically said that what was in that letter would answer our question. WELL, I got to the post office this morning. NO, it was not bad news for Greg. . .In fact, if he were looking for a sign from the Lord I think he found it. . .It was his Passport! We had sent away for it just 2 weeks ago (if that!). The Lord has answered!

So, all that to say. . .we are currently planning what we are calling a "fact finding / fund raising" trip to Liberia this fall. Most likely the early part of October. This will be a trip for anyone who is interested in significantly supporting the ministry of AoH to come and see for themselves. They can see the NEED in person. They also will be able to see AoH's relief projects up close, to see how AoH spends their money and how they reach the people of Liberia. Your turn: PRAY!!!

1. Pray that God will lay on our hearts who to invite and will give us the words to say when we do extend that invitation
2. Pray that God will begin that work in them even now. That they will listen to the Lord's leading and will respond with obedience.
3. Pray that the details will be worked out smoothly
4. Pray that He will help us pay our own way.

I know He is in control and the rest is up to Him! Please join us in praying for these people who may come. It will not be an easy trip for anyone. I expect many to not "want" to go to Africa. I mean, seeing this kind of poverty is not an easy thing. God stirs up in us and does major stuff in these situations. Please pray for a willingness to first just bring it to the Lord and then be willing to listen to His answer. I thank you for covering this in prayer with us. This is a step of faith and I can't wait to see how He answers.

Anticipating His Work,
NOTE: Yes, we will meet Davis. Aagh!!! In just a few months, I will meet my son!! However, per Melodie, Donna and Patty's advice, we will not introduce ourselves as Mom and Dad. We will just be the wonderful volunteers who happen to take a liking to him. Then, when we come back he'll just be glad it's us.


Jess said...

I so wish I could go with you!!! Regardless, I am going to pray! and secretly I am going to pray that I can go ;)
Love you!

Laura said...

I am so excited for you guys. Not sure how you will go and not bring our little guy home. I am proud of you guys though

julie said...

I am going with Jocelyn and Donna August 21st! I am going to meet Teddy and Darius too. I don't think I will want to leave them there, but......
It is so cool what you are going to do. One of the reasons I wanted to go was because of what you have mentioned in your blog. I am so excited!

Jocelyn said...

Brandi, I'm so happy this trip is going to happen. I have been praying so hard for it. I can't wait to see what God is going to do!!!


Lori said...

Brandi, Wow! God is doing great things! We will continue to pray for you as you prepare for this jounrey and that God will continue to open doors. You are my hero!


mommy zabs said...

Wow Brandi, I'm so glad that God has answered your prayer in this area! I'm excited to hear about the plans and the couples as the plan evolves. I can't imagine how hard it would be to meet your son and not have him yet, i will be praying for you in that!

Rae said...

Hey friend! Of course, you know, I'm totally into this! It's going to be awesome. Our current situation is just making my faith explode--I even have enough for y'all! :D

I keep thinking about the Toddler Adoption book when I think about seeing Spence and leaving without him. Supposedly, it's better for them. Lucky us--we get to test the theory!

I only wish we would be there at the same time you guys are!

Blah, blah, blah--I'm not called a blatherer for nothin'!!!

amber said...

I am so excited for you guys. We will be praying like crazy that God directs you to just the right people.

Its funny, Peter and I were really praying about taking a couple weeks this fall to spend some time volunteering in Liberia, but after discussing it thoroughly, we decided it would be too hard on us to leave Henry especially because of the therapy aspect... so we are going to spend an extra couple weeks when we go to pick him up.

I love your heart for the kids and for helping. It strikes a chord in mine. I can't wait to hear more about your mission and to support it as much as we can. Please let me know when you have specific prayer needs.
Its pretty exciting!

(oh, and I will be praying that God just gives you a supernatural amount of grace when you have to leave Davis and come home without him.)