Sunday, August 26, 2007

Orphanage Stories

Friends, Go Check Donna's Blog. She's in Liberia and posting about the orphanage!


jaz said...

Wasn't Donna's post AWESOME??? I was sooo comforted by it. I wanted to say a quick note in reference to your post about breaking down during worship: I've been vascillating between thinking I need to learn to rest in God's sovereignty on a new level, and yet struggling with feeling sad and frustrated, which seems contrary. My boss, who is a wonderful woman of God, said, "Jamie! Those two things are not mutually exclusive! You do need to rest in God's sovereignty, but it doesn't have to feel good all the time." If I look at Jesus' prayers in the face of His pending death, I see now that it's a great example of balancing our faith in God's sovereignty with authentically communicating our honest thoughts and feelings to Him. I don't know if that helps you, but it has sure helped me!
Lots of love,
Jamie :0)

Anonymous said...
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Lindsey said...

Brand & all the other Moms who read your blog:
You have to read this amazing post that came from our Women's Ministry site here at UPC...

Traci said...

Hi Brandi~

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Your kids are absolutely adorable:) So cute!!


Alward Family said...

I am such a ditz! I have been checking your blog but failed to notice that I must have copied the address with the date I visited (when you posted the scrapbook) and I have been wondering when you would update your blog. Duh! I just noticed my error and have now caught up since July.

I can't wait to see if Donna has some recent pictures of your cutie pie!!

Take care. I now know you aren't still scrapbooking, haha.


Tama said...

Brandi, more posts please!!! We know your waiting but your life is always so full of what God is teaching you!!!
LINDSEY who made a comment...I entered that link and it is an ebay bid on Pokeman cards. I don't think that was the Amazing womens ministry post you were talking about :-)