Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Prayer and Fasting

As some of you know, the visa situation in Liberia is a serious concern right now. There is a new American Consular in charge of Visas. Because of some allegations against other agencies (not Acres of Hope, who has NEVER had a complaint filed against them) she has decided to slow down adoptions. She has a couple of ideas up her sleave, but the main one right now is that she will only issue visas on Thursdays and only 2 per agency. Right now, we have 110 kids at the orphanage and almost every single child has already been referred to a family. There are children being turned away b/c they are full and can't take any more kids until we can get some of those kiddos home. This is one of the things that makes the visa situation life or death, not just impatience to get our kids home! Also, Acres of Hope is the ONLY agency that will take special needs kids. Of these special needs kids, many NEED to get home asap b/c of their physical conditions. So, we're asking you to pray! This week on Thursday, Patty (AoH founder) will be meeting with Ms. Alma (the visa lady) to discuss the situation. She will be asking for more than 2 visas every Thursday and for an extra day just for AoH to process special needs visas. Please join us in praying for that meeting. Pray for Patty to clearly and lovingly express the needs of the children in a way that will reach Alma's heart. Most of us immediately jumped to "mean visa lady showing her power" but it very well could be a decision made out of a love for the children of Liberia and a desire to protect them. Please pray that Alma will see Acres of Hope for what it is, an organization that seeks to match very needy kids with loving families in a manner that is above reproach, and grant us some grace. Many of us are also choosing to fast on Thursday as well. Depending on how this Thursday goes, this may be a weekly thing.

If you have a passion for this and would like to pray and fast with us, please do so! Remember, as far as fasting is concerned, you can fast one meal, multiple meals or something other than food for the day. It is amazing to see the Body in action! For all of you 75 people who apparently check my blog every day and don't comment (i.e. Val and Christie to name a few), if you decide to join us, please drop me a line so that I can share it with the other Acres of Hope families, especially those with sick kids that need to get home! Thanks for joining us!


Anonymous said...

I will join you in prayer and fasting. Thanks for helping those of us who are not in the midst realize the need.

Campbell's Hope said...

I love your heart and I love your spirit.....

love ya sister,

Anonymous said...


My name is Gail and I am from Kansas. I found your blog through Melodie from Acres of Hope's blog off a Xanga blogring I follow. Anyway, the children of Africa are dear to my heart and my husband and I are praying about adopting. Please know that I will be fasting and praying for the children of Liberia this Thursday.

Campbell's Hope said...

ya know Davis looks like you.

Jen M said...

I will be praying and fasting tomorrow as well. This has become so close to my heart following your's and other families journeys to bring your little ones home. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I just read your post on the yahoo group about "blog stalkers" and I felt convicted, because I have to admit I'm one of yours :) Your pictures of Davis are beautiful and the way you phrased our visa dilema was just perfect. I always think that about your posts to the yahoo group, too: very positive, tactful, and well written. We can't wait to celebrate you with as things progress with Davis.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thots! Maybe it will turn out that we're(Consular and AOH) all more on the same page than we think!

I completely FORGOT to call you!! I forgot to show up for a meeting and your phone call, and I'm sure there was something else!!

Bad me!!!

Love, Denise