Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Sweet Gift

So, I have tried to take a picture of it, but my camera will not focus so, I'll just have to tell you in words! I have a WONDERFUL HUBBY and one of the SWEETEST friends in the world!!!

I checked my front door late Wednesday night to find a fedex package at the front door. I opened it to find something so sweet. My hubby had ordered me a white gold necklace that is in the shape of the continent of Africa. It says Africa across the front and then on the back, he had engraved "Davis"!! How sweet is that?! It came with note included that says, "To remind you to pray for our son every day. Love, Greg"

It is so cute and I have been wanting one ever since I saw Ashley Judd wearing one on the "Ellen" show a couple of months ago. I had told Greg and Jessica and Jess and I had even looked for them online, but had never purchased one. So, last week, Jess does all of the research and emails Greg "Take a hint. . ." and then gives him all the links to the ones I would like and suggestions about which one I'd like best. Isn't that wonderful???!!!!

Both of them earned major points in my book! Jess for thinking it through and doing the research and Greg for following through on her suggestion!

When Greg gets home tomorrow night from his trip, I'll get the link and post a picture here!



Anonymous said...

...and I'm sure Greg's going to get a big smackeroo when he gets home!?? Love, Denise

Kami said...

too cool!

Campbell's Hope said...

I love it....Scott got me a silver bracelet that says Africa on it with a heart hanging down. I wear it all the time.I'm praying for your little man daily...

love ya sister,

jeff & katie said...

How beautiful Brandi!! What a sweet gift. I've been meaning to write a comment for some time now...I typically just stalk blogs and never get around to posting anything! Anyway, I've been wanting to tell you every time I look at Henry Davis's picture it brings me so much JOY! His smile is absolutely contagious!! What a sweet sweet boy you have!!! Excited for you and your family!!
Katie B.

Donna Barber said...

Wow- how sweet. where can we find that kind of jewlery? I would like to drop hints to my husband. Thinking my birthday in September, or our anniversary in October, or even Christmas. It might take me that many hints to actually see it. ha

millermoments said...

Hey there! From what I can surmise, you're in the process of adopting a little one from Liberia??? Very exciting! How special! Our church has just completed an entire series on adoption, and we have a MAJOR adoption movement going through the church to get more families involved - there was a small group with over 50 people, focused entirely on adoption!

(by the way - found you through Pastor Jon's site - so neat to keep up with our Orlando WW folks!)