Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Waiting

This weekend, I was at a missions themed retreat for our denomination's district. I woke up this morning, knowing that Donna and the gang were in Liberia today. While I thought this would make me super happy (and truly, it does) I pretty much fell apart today. I don't know if it was all the talk about missions (I would leave tomorrow to move to Africa!) or knowing that a friend of mine would get to hold my boy in her arms. . . .whatever it was, I was not handling it well. We were standing in worship during our session (at the retreat) and I just started bawling! Just standing there and weeping. The words to the song were, 'Remember Your Children, Remember Your Promise, Oh God" and I am weeping. I leaned over to my friend Jackie Sue (who has adopted twice from China) and said, "I can't believe how much you can miss someone you've never met". She just smiled in understanding, gave me a hug and said, "I know". On the up side, Donna emailed me about something and said that she'd seen Henry (Davis) this morning and he is "sooooo cute" and "very little". I'm hoping to get new pictures on Monday. Until then, I wait. . . .this song is about Heaven, but so illustrates our hearts longing in waiting.

Cause I just wanna be with You
I just want this waiting to be over
I just want to be with You
And it helps to know the Day is getting closer
Every minute takes an hour
Every inch feels like a mile
Til I won't have to imagine
And I finally get to see You smile
My journey's here, but my heart is There
So I dream and wait, and keep the faith, while You prepare
Our destiny, til You come back for me
Oh, please make it soon!

"Smile" by Chris Rice


Blu and Darbi said...

My heart aches for you Brandi! I know I will be there soon...I don't think it actually becomes REAL until I see that referral picture! Praying for you today!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there sweets! Time can really be a drag someTIMEs!! My arms are aching too! I know what you mean. Love, Denise

Faith said...

I SO know where you are at right now because it was just a few short months ago that I was there too. All I can say (and I know this won't help) is that when your son is in your arms all the waiting will be worth it and it will seem like such a distant memory. Praying for you to have daily strength to "wait patiently" till Henry's ready to be in your arms.
Blessings, Faith

Campbell's Hope said...

You will have him home before you know it.
You will be strapping him in his car seat and taking off..He will be home safe and sound.I can't wait to see pictures of him......:)they should be here soon...

love ya,

Lori said...

I know how you feel. The waiting is so hard. Praise God that Davis is in excellent hands. I can't wait to see his new photos. Waiting with you-Lori

Kami said...

Oh how my heart breaks for you. One day you will have him in your arms, and all will be well.

Cassie said...

I haven't checked your blog in a few weeks and it took me a while to catch up. I love how vulnerable you are to share your heart! Even though I know I can't understand exactly what you are going through, know that I am waiting with you :)