Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Praying and Praising with others

Praise the LORD!! We have had 4 special needs from Acres of Hope be referred to forever families this week alone!!! Praise HIM for taking care of these special little ones and for leading these special families in their journey of obedience!! Check them out and make sure to pray for them!

Denise and fam have added Kebbeh to their clan (they were already in process to adopt 2 little boys!)

Darbi and Blu will be adopting Samuel (he's SO cute!)

Tama and fam will be bringing home both Mercy and Joy

So, if you are now in the praying mode. . .go on over to a couple of more sites and pray for these families.

The Borcherts and the Alonsos are both dealing majorly with the visa situation and currently their kids are "stuck" in Liberia. Both families have one parent in Liberia right now advocating for their kids. In fact, they have a meeting with the visa lady at 9 am tomorrow (5 am est) so BE PRAYING!

Also, check out our 24 hour prayer watch blog that Katy set up to see a listing of all of our Acres of Hope families' needs. This is updated daily, so please just bookmark it and make a plan to check it each day and lift these families and children up.

**I know that this may be my record for number of links** this is what all of those girls in Naples asked for! Apparently, blog friends, all of my sister-in-law's friends have been stalking you guys and are complaining for more links!


Kim & Dale said...

Brandi, I love seeing your heart for God! You have passion for Christ which is something a lot of said christians lack. Keep on being you! By the way, do you mind if I ask just how young are you? Dear girl, you look like your 13 in your pictures. If God has done this much in your life already, I can hardly wait to see what He does with you in the next 10 years! Kim

Anonymous said...

Don't you LOVE that we have so many special needs kids going to famlies(I'm notn talking about myself here, honestly!) I stand in awe of THREE caustic kids finding homes this WEEK!!! AMAZING!!! Lord, continue to pour out your love!!

Love ya girl! Denise

amber said...

It is SUCH an awesome blessing to see God moving on behalf of our prayers!!! And, actually, I think it was FIVE special needs kids referred this week because of Lily Hake (Susan's mom) accepting the referral of little Blessing!

Praise the Lord!!