Monday, October 22, 2007

Foster Care System and THE CHURCH

What is THE CHURCH's role in caring for children? In caring for our elderly? In caring for the poor and needy? You see, I'm a conservative republican who stands for less and less gov't. Is this because I want to eliminate gov't programs and don't care about the poor and needy in our midst? Yes and No! Yes, I think some of our programs should be eliminated. Why? Because it's OUR JOB! Our job as believers is to get in there and love and care for people. We as a Body, as Christ's Body are not doing what we could be. The workers are few. . .

Consider for a moment. . .

In our area alone: there are approx. 975 children in foster care.

There are 300 foster homes. Approx. 30% of these children ARE available for adoption. Check out for pics of waiting kids!

Consider this, in light of the previous stats. . .

There are 2202 churches listed in that same area. . .ok, let's take it down a bit b/c some of those may not be Bible-believing, or may have listed some that weren't in our area. Possibly that brings us down to 1950?

That means if EVERY OTHER church took in 1 child, EVERY child would be in a Bible- Believing home where the healing of Christ's love could be showered on them! These are the most vulnerable of our society. Children who NEED stability and unconditional love. One foster mom can not give the love and care and attention that a hurting child needs to 3-5 children at a time!

My friend, Jess is in the process right now of adopting through the foster care system. We also have another dear friend who just started the process and will be foster parents for teenagers! Thank you, sweet friends for loving on these hurting little ones. Do you know what question they get asked the most? "Do you know what you're getting yourself in to?" Oh my dear!!!! These kids are hurting. They have no family or one that has hurt them deeply. Are we really so selfish that we stop first to consider how much this child may disrupt my life? I am so thankful that Jesus didn't stop. He sure had time and knew exactly what He as getting into with us! Instead, let's raise up and assist these families. Let's regularly pray for and look for ways to help the foster children and system. We hope to adopt through the foster care system at some point in the future, for now, our small group will be "adopting" kids from the foster care system to provide Christmas presents for! Consider calling your local foster parent association and offering your help (or maybe your whole church, small group or group of friends)!

My heart aches for these kids and I just stand and cry as we sing at church, "You are the defender of the weak, the Father to the Fatherless". Thank you, Jesus for standing in the gap. Please change our hearts that YOUR church will rise up to love, care for and assist those that are hurting in our midst.

PS Enjoy this SWEET video! I cried my way through it!


jaz said...

This is my favorite post you've ever done!! Amen! Amen! Amen!!!
Jamie Z. ;0)

amber said...

Yes, Yes and YES!! Good stuff, my friend... good, true, right-on stuff!! I once read an article written by a powerful missionary couple from Mozambique about the statistics of orphans and "professing" Christian families worldwide. They said that if every Christian family would open their homes to just ONE child, ALL the orphans in the world would have homes... and in a matter of a short time (if the kids were raised Christian) the world would begin to be primarily populated by believers... wow! That's a campaign I can get behind!!!
Thanks for sharing. I love your heart.
It's funny you shared about foster care when you did. Peter and I have been really praying about getting our license to foster children short-term if the process with Henry ends up taking longer than we think...
Love you!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

A wonderful post! I have been a foster mother in the past. I was blessed to foster 3 precious children that God chose for us. If you're interested, read my posts about my #2 daughter. Blessings!
Mama Bear