Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween and Greg

Ok, random thoughts for today. . .if you have trouble following along, I'm sorry! ha ha This weekend was Greg's birthday and we had a wonderful weekend with MANY friends. We started out by going to Kobe on Friday night with our friends Cassie and Cory and Brackston and Monica, then back to our house for a movie. It was a wonderful time to reconnect. Then, on Saturday we had breakfast with both sets of parents and my grandparents. Greg and I LOVE to go out for breakfast or have people over on Sat. mornings! We then headed to Sea World! It was cloudy and extremely humid, but fun. The kids loved the sea lion and otter show and of course, Shamu! I tried to get Brayden to ride the kiddie shamu rollercoaster, since he is tall enough now. . .but, he thought it was way to scary!

Ok, on to Halloween: Sea World is celebrating Spooktacular this month. They are actually doing a great job of having fun dressing up and giving out candy without ANY of the scary stuff. However, kids are encouraged to come dressed up. I am AMAZED at what kids wear for Halloween!!! This one 8 year old girl was dressed in scrubs with blood all over her and a VERY scary mask. AND, she kept trying to talk to Brayden. While, I thought it was sweet of her to talk to my kids, I did NOT want them to see that scary sight. I'm sorry, I just don't understand! Why would a mama want her kid dressed up as something evil? I understand silly costumes. . .I LOVE dressing up myself. I don't understand wanting my precious little girl to be the devil. Now, I don't let my kids dress up or glamorize witches, b/c I believe in them. I believe real people are real witches and they serve a real Satan and I don't think that is something to play off as fun. However, I do understand that the rest of the world has bought into the concept of "good witches", so I can see a mom thinking that is ok. Mostly though, don't people think of Satan as bad still? Isn't he the epitome of evil? I wouldn't think, YES, let's dress up as pure evil! Especially for a 5 year old!!! Then, we were driving to a friend's for lunch on Sunday. ( a yummy lunch, by the way, with delicious choc. cake to celebrate once again, Greg's b-day) In their neighborhood, one man in particular has decorated for Halloween in a way that I find repulsive. He hung someone (a dummy, ok) from his front tree. A hanging? Seriously? ha ha ha. . .oh my how I find hangings just hilarious and fun! What the heck?! Ok, that's my rantings! I've struggled with the concept of Halloween for many years, especially after hearing a witch tell of their spiritual rites on that night. However, there are thousands and people looking for something to do and so we, as a church, want to provide that something. So, we throw a HUGE fall festival! We have carnival games, hayrides, inflatables, snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy and lots of candy to go as well. We started 2 years ago with 1,500 people and last year had 2,500 people. Please join us in praying that God would bring our community this year and they would feel loved and cared for in our community! (PS: you probably won't hear from me until after this is over since I'm in charge of it and will be officially going crazy starting tonight in prep for the event Wed. night!)

On the adoption front: no news! We are expecting news on his passport sometime in the next couple of weeks. After that, we wait for visa news. We are thinking Dec. or January. We are still trying to fly through Rome and spend a couple of days just us before leaping into the 3 child family!

On the Liberian Front: Lots of research! I am finding all sorts of great ministries that are meeting the needs of the Liberian people. I am so thankful that God has given me a passion for this sweet nation. Right now, I am asking God to refine my passion. I am looking for great ministries that work with: clean water, feeding programs, schooling, health care and sustainable development as well as orphan care. I'll keep up updated on the fun organizations that I come across!

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Great post... did you check out the "Living Waters Carolina" link on my page...they drill wells in Liberia! Love, Denise

Jess said...


Missy said...

Our church in AL does a huge carnival type Fall Festival too. I just love it. Our church is right in the middle of downtown so anyone who is out trick or treating can stop by spur of the moment. I'll being praying for your outreach in your community through this. I love your blog signature. Don't want to be a copycat, but can you teach me how :o)?

Jocelyn said...

Very inspiring..keep up the good work! :)
(Added your link to my blog, thanks!).

Blu and Darbi said...

Hey! I agree on the Halloween stuff...our neighborhood goes absolutely crazy with decorations, and cars just line our street! I sneak off to our church's Fall Festival and stay until well after trick or treaters are asleep! And you'll be proud to know that my two will be a clown and a pumpkin! :)


jaz said...

Man, we think alike!! ;0) When our church isn't doing Harvest Party stuff, we like to make our house very Harvest-y and welcoming, so the neighborhood kids can feel safe coming to us--any time! We see it as a great chance to open our home, if only for a minute. We try to get creative, like one year we carved one letter into each of 7 pumpkins, spelling, "WELCOME", and lined them up on our walkway. I hope your Harvest Party is awesome tonight!!
Jamie Z. :0)

annNEE said...

BRANDIIIII!!! you are so wonderful - I am really eager to hear more about what you are finding out in Liberia. Please share!!!