Saturday, October 6, 2007

Orphan Report!!! It includes NEW Pictures!!!

**Sent from Donna this morning. . .written by Melodie before she left! Thanks to both of you!

Henry Davis
(October 5, 2007)

Sweet, playful and easy going are a few words that describe Henry. Henry has a happy nature and is outgoing, but likes security and familiarity. When he's comfortable in a situation, he will run around energetically, act silly, laugh, and smile a lot! He's a charming little boy who likes to be held, but is not clingy, and just needs to know that someone he knows is nearby while he's playing. Much like my bio kids!

Henry interacts well with other children his age. He's a kind boy, who doesn't fight over toys or get short-tempered with his friends. This is something I was praying for him! Henry likes to play with toys of any kind, but he is entertained by a variety of things. Unlike some two year olds who have really short attention spans and like to go off to do their own thing, Henry finds interested in the entertainment he is provided, and will also play cooperatively for extended periods of time. Praise the Lord. . .that is a GOOD quality!
Henry is very shy around people he doesn't know and in new situations. He gets a concerned look on his face, and if things get too scary, he might start to cry. Right now he is doing great in the orphanage and is comfortable in his new home. But when visitors come and start acting too friendly, Henry starts to worry.

Because of Henry's size and development, he fits best in the 15 to 30 month room, as versus the 2 to 3 1/2 year room. In this room the kids have story time every morning, while the other kids attend preschool. Henry loves to gather around his nanny with is roommates and listen to the stories. He likes to point to the pictures and "comment" on what she is reading. Henry also likes activities, like Ring Around the Rosie, and playing outside. He does well with most activities, both indoors and outdoors, but likes to have his nanny round, just to make sure everything is safe.

Henry is learning to talk, but is not using a whole lot of sentences yet. He's not overly chatty, even in baby talk, but knows how to express his needs with the words he does know and through gestures and if necessary, crying. Henry may have a limited vocabulary, but that doesn't stop him from telling on other kids if the need arises. If he feels he's being mistreated Henry will gently pat his nanny, point to the offending individual and say, "Aunty, you see?" Neither of my other children are like this, I don't know what I'll do! ha ha! yeah right!
Henry is eating three meals a day (he's able to feed himself) and has a 6-ounce bottle in between meals and before bed. He'll take a sippy cup of his offered one, or drink out of a regular cup. He's not picky about how he gets his milk, but he sure loves it!
Henry wears size 18-24 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and size 5 shoes.

Praise the Lord! Last night, I went to GAP and bought him his first present! Because he is just under Brayden's age and they'll share rooms, I hadn't purchased anything for him yet. I got him the cutest shirt that is black with the continent of Africa on it and it says, "Discove(red)" on it!


Scott and Erin said...

Brandi, what a beautiful little guy you have! I can't wait to see him come home! We are praying!

Christie said...

Oh how sweet Brandi! I just love everything about him!

jaz said...

Look at those smiles!! Un-bee-leeeev-uhhhh-ble!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it! And the Orphan Reports are so, so fun. He sounds like a sweet, sweet boy. Thanks for sharing!
Jamie Z. :0)

Laura said...

I just want to squeeze him, ya know once he's not nervous anymore.

When are you traveling?

Traci said...

Brandi--What an adorable little guy! He sounds so sweet!

Welcome to Jen said...

He is just SO cute Brandi!! I am praying that you get him home ASAP!!

Love ya,


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, Brandi, Davis has absolutely the BEST smile!!!


Campbell's Hope said...

Oh my he is a cutie.....
love the report.:)

love Rob

Campbell's Hope said...

Oh my he is a cutie.....
love the report.:)

love Rob

Alward Family said...

What a wonderful surprise to receive the report with such wonderful information! It was surprisingly detailed as well which is so cool. And, of course, you gotta love the pictures.


amber said...

Great report! He sounds like such a sweetheart. I feel like I know him now, too!
And I love the pictures. His smile is heart-melting! :)

Love ya!

Michelle said...

Beautiful boy!

julie said...

It was so neat to read your report. What a little honey! It will be a great day for you to travel and go get him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

Brandi, it was so good to read the report! I am SO excited for you all. What a cute little boy! I'm excited to see how the Lord will continue to answer prayers.

running shoes said...

so amazing! we love hearing about Davis and are praying.