Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thankful Thursday with Some Great Updates

I am thankful for 2 wonderful things this morning!!! Read BOTH!

First thing to be extremely thankful. . .Last night went FABULOUS!! All day it rained off and on. We had "squalls", which I'll explain b/c it must be a Florida word! They were bands of rain coming off of a tropical storm to our east. These bands are fast moving, but drenching. So, we'd be carrying bales of hay, moving tables and chairs and just start getting soaked. We told the kids it was time to dance every time it rained and just plowed on! At one point, we stopped the whole team and sat in the hallway to pray! We had no clue what God's plans were for the evening but decided to keep what we'd planned in having the whole event outside. We got everything finished in RECORD time (thanks to my AMAZING volunteer team yesterday!) and waited till the last minute to do the decorations, so they wouldn't get wet. Well, guess what? No Rain! The weather service said 70% and raining all night! It was clear and beautiful!!! We had approx. 2,500 people come out! It was an incredible night. We had over 100 volunteers and people just pitched in everywhere. I was so proud of my team! They serve with such wonderful attitudes and willing hearts! Thanks to all of you who made last night a raving success!!!! You guys are the best!

Second thing that I'm OH SO THANKFUL for. . .We have an update on the fundraiser for Jon and Christie! Our new total is (drumroll please!) $4,590!!! Praise the Lord! In fact, this is such amazing news b/c just yesterday, the agency called and asked Christie when she was going to send in her dossier to Vietnam! Today, she can call and let them know that she has the Full FIRST payment!!! Next step, referral! When they accept their referral ( a sweet pic of their new little girl!). At that point, the rest of the money will be due. . .so, let's keep on! Once we get to $5,000 we will be giving away 1/2 of our prizes! I even have some other prizes waiting in the wings to add on!!! Thanks for the great support and keep spreading the word. Remember, every $5 helps! Not only in reaching the goal, but in blessing the heart of our sweet pastor and his family!


Denise said...

God is so awesome.

Love Bears All Things said...

Wonderful post for Thankful Thursday. Yours is the third post I have read this morning on a blog I"ve not visited before. I believe that God leads me to the ones he wants me to read. No way can I read them all. Now I'll just check to figure out what this fundraiser is all about.
Mama Bear

Cassie said...

I think things went so well!! Great job! I am also very thankful that this is the first year Cory didn't have to stay clean up while I took 4 sugared up kids home to get to sleep. Woohoo!!

Crystal said...

What wonderful blessings! Thanks for sharing them and for joining in this week!