Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Signed up for PPP!

Yeah! I got approved for PayPerPost! My friend (and fellow blogger), Jessica initially found this great website through another blogger. This is a great company that allows me to write about websites, stores I love, products and my own experiences and pays for it! I've been looking for opportunities like this for a while now. I had been discussing the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible. She was so diligent! She not only maintained her home, but ran wise business ventures as well. So, I decided that I needed to be more INDUSTRIOUS! I was going to look for ways to save or make money! PayPerPost is one way to do this, while feeding my new addiction. . .BLOGGING!

Greg and I had been talking about how we could put our money to good use. How could we, as a family, begin to give more. To the organizations that are doing humanitarian work in Africa and even to friends or family that we find in need. Now, I know that Greg's money is mine as well. I stay at home so that he can make the money he does. However, I also wanted to be doing something to add money to this "pot" for giving. So, I decided to join PayPerPost and I plan to designate all of my earnings to giving. Each check will go straight into the giving pot, specifically designated for something special!

Isn't this fun? It works out for everyone. I get to choose what I write about and when and share this fun information with all my wonderful readers and friends and get paid for it too! I get to raise money for GREAT causes, while blogging! AND, great advertisers will get lots of promotion all over the internet. If you are a blogger and want to sign up, click here for PayPerPost to get started today! If you have a great company, product or website and would love for wonderful bloggers to promote you, sign up today!

Everyone. . .get paid to blog


Jocelyn said...

Welcome aboard! i just signed up for PPP a few days ago too! goodluck! :)

Donna Barber said...

WOW- It has been abit since I have been to your blog. You can tell you scrapbook. It looks great!!

amber said...

We're on the same Pr. 31 wavelength! :) In the last few weeks I've been working hard to get a couple of my "side" businesses online and better-developed because I've also been feeling the desire to have more to give. I think it's an awesome way to be postured... like a funnel for the Lord to pour His blessings through! What a honor to be that funnel and get to touch people's lives in a huge way!!
(If I get a minute after this little business push I'll have to check out PPP!)


kelly said...

hmmm.can wordpress bloggers use it too?

The Mama Hood said...

Hi there! Love your blog! I am on PPP too, made a little money too! Good luck with yours!! Aloha!!

Anonymous said...

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