Sunday, December 16, 2007

Disney for suckers!

Yes, you may think we are crazy! In fact, lots of people do. I'm not a stay at home and do nothing and make sure my baby doesn't get any germs kind of a girl. In fact, Gracie and Brayden were both less than a week old when we brought them to church and passed them around! Although, we are not passing Davis around. . we have seen a bit of the town already. So, in a "welcome to America" kind of a day, we decided to introduce our little Liberia to our great Florida icon, "Mickey Mouse"! To tell the truth, we did NOT know how this would go. But, we had friends that got us in for free so we figured if any of the kids freaked out, we'd just head for home!

It went great! The kids loved the day and it was fun spending a day doing just "play" stuff. We even met up with Jessica and Nathaniel and their little girl, Abbie (Brayden and Gracie's favorite person). I, of course, took lots of pics and since I can't pick just one (and my mom and laura would kill me if I did) I've posted bascially every one! If you're bored and just come here for my wonderful prose. . .ha ha. .wait, I know that's not true! Maybe Greg's wondeful Glogs (which you should expect a new one this week. . we've been taking animal pics for it, so possibly expect Dumptruck our dog to make an appearance).

Here's the kids on the monorail on the way into Magic Kingdom. Davis was pretty much in amazement and I kept wanting to take pics of his "first time". . .well, since my other two are so young, neither of them even remember going before so it was like everyone's first time!

Our friend, Sharon works at Disney. . .so, she is the one who got us in. She even knew the Mayor! ha ha! She also took the kids to "The Confectionary" and bought treats! Miss Sharon and Miss Whitney compete with my kids to be the "special treats" ladies and win favor!
Thanks, Sharon!
Davis was smiling and peeking out of the stroller at a woman making candy at "The Confectionary". He is pretty darn charming with that HUGE smile and she came out and offerred 3 choc. and sprinkle covered marshmellows to the kids (for free). Gracie's picture is the cutest, though, so she's the one you'll see! Can you tell she likes her sweets?
Then, we headed to Monster's Inc. "Laugh Factory" which is a new attraction that the kids loved. (My son is obsessed with this movie and we now have lost it, so he asks every day!) and then off to Toon Town to see Mickey's House. All of our kids watch, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" every morning.. .so this was the highlight. We toured Minnie's House (see their pic below on Minnie's couch) and saw Mickey's too. The line for Mickey himself was a bit long, so we decided on the shorter (30 min) line for Goofy, Minnie and Pluto. The kids were overjoyed! Brayden and Abbie pretty much thought they were meeting the real thing and Gracie was tickled by them and kept talking to and hugging them. Davis, on the other hand, not so sure! I can't even begin to imagine what he was thinking. He just looked at them like "what are you?"! ha ha!
Here's our group picture. Aren't we cute?
Brayden and Abbie with Minnie Mouse
Davis, not so sure of Goofy. . .but the other kids were determined to have a conversation with him!
Gracie just LOVED Pluto! As I said. . .Minnie's Couch

Lots of treats at Disney! Hey, with no naps. . .you do what you have to!

My little ham! Waiting in line and playing with cars! (I'm a Floridian, so I come prepared!)

Next, we head over to Animal Kingdom (my personal favorite) to see The Lion King Show. This is, by far, the best show in all of Disney! The music is amazing and so are the acts (they have fire batons, stilt walker dancers and gymnists). Gracie LOVED Simba the Lion and wanted to go sit with him.
We were in the "Lion" section and had to Roar when told. As you can imagine, Brayden and Abbie took this very seriously! They spent most of the show with their "paws" up and ready!

At the end, they call specific kids up to be a part of the parade and final song. Brayden was chosen, so Davis and I went too. Davis LOVED this show. The women dressed in African garb really caught his attention, as did the traditional African instruments!

Oh what a day! It was actually a LOT of fun. Soon, we'll have to introduce him to Shamu and Sea World! I think we'll save that for a couple of weeks since we do have Christmas coming up soon!
On a more serious note: I LOVE holding Davis during church. We sang, "Our God Saves". I've sung this before and it is true in my own life, but holding this little boy whose life God literally SAVED! Amazing! I was just crying while singing. Our God is so amazing. The next line is "he turns our mourning into dancing". . .how true for this little guy. And for us! Oh our God is so good. If you are struggling right now. . .just turn your eyes to our Jesus. No MATTER what situation we face, HE IS GOD and HE IS GOOD! The other thoughts that ran through my prayers were about attachment. You all know how we've been praying for Davis' attachment to us. I've spent time praying about it, watching for it, evaluting it and what it looks like.. .today, I asked myself how my attachment looked? How much do I cling to My Daddy? How connected am I? Do I regularly spend "holding time" with Him and continue to wrap my heart around His? Oh how I love Him. Oh how I've been blessed! I pray that you were too today!


Laura said...

You are right. I would have killed ya!

See you guys on Saturday.

Love you.

Missy said...

ooooohhh!! How much fun. If you can't go sledding like Amber, go to Disney World. I've always been like you too...take 'em out to meet the world. We had Sarah on top of a building watching the Thunderbirds at an air show when she was just 11 days old. She slept right through it.

Christina B. said...

Let me know when you "do" Sea World. The girls and I have annual passes and would love to join you!

amber said...

Okay... forget my "wish you were here" in the freezing cold! I wish I was THERE!!! wearing a tank top and flip-flops, taking my kids to Disney World! Ahhhh... soon... soon... :)

Looks like so much fun.

We are definitely the "take the kids out" type of family, too. (Although, granted, our outings are far less exciting! :)

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

love seeing your Disney pics! Nice contrast to the snowy scene out our window!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

thanks for the schooling advice. i'll definitely use it. looks like you guys had a great time at disney. i can't believe you take your kids out in public so soon!! i am appalled and offended :)

Blu and Darbi said...

Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog! (we watch Mickey too!) I wanna go to Disney World..never been!

Darbi :)

Jamie said...

Looks like fun. Thanks for the encouraging note at the end...what I needed.

Angel said...

We got the call to go pick up our daughter while we were AT Disney World so her first 3 days "home" were at Disney. :0) She was 7. We had to have a translator make sure she understood we didn't live there. Hee hee hee... We had a blast and now Disney is even more special for our whole family. Oh and we did Sea World a month later!!! Sounds like we would get along fine. ;0) Angel