Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Monkey Drinking a Fanta....

As a result of the overwhelming response to my first blog or web log (for those of you who are new to the blogging game) I had decided to retire from blogging, a wise man once said "Leave on a high note." (George Costanza, Seinfeld). But after much debate, mainly with myself, I have decided to bless you all with another addition of my prose. However to be true to myself and to the faithful following that I have developed I will now enter the next echelon of blogging called glogging (greg log).
It has been an interesting week here in Liberia, one filled with joy, frustration, drama, and carbon monoxide.
Allow me to elaborate if I may.
  • Joy:
    We have a new son, Henry Davis (aka Davis, aka Gregory Davis, aka G. Davis ). He is a beautiful, bright eyed little boy who has no clue who these white people are or what a TV is. He will learn to love both very quickly. I can already tell that he is my son. This morning, much like Brayden, he was up at 6:00 (he wakes me up when he has to go to the bathroom, also like Brayden). He had filled his diaper with some of yesterdays wonderful rice and it was a pungent aroma at 6:00 am. But, I digress...so, as I do for Brayden every morning I turned on the TV in an effort to eek out 15 minutes more sleep. Praise God from who all blessings flow, the boy loved it!!! He sat there for 1.5 hours and watched three kids shows (Barney, Hi 5, and some show from Ireland called Postman Tom which I believe is their equivalent to Bob the Builder).
  • Frustration:
    1. I miss anonymous!!! Without the comments of those who so bravely posted under the guise of "anonymous" I have lacked fodder which makes this process of sarcasm much more challenging. I need controversy, so if you are out there anonymous please come back I am sooooo sorry. I miss you!!
    B. As I mentioned in my last glog entry it is really hot here. I'll tell you what by the end of the day I have sweat through two shirts and smell much like the Liberians who on the whole don't wear deodorant. This is not a statement of prejudice, rather a statement of fact, in my conversations with the friends we have made here I posed the question as to why deodorant is such a low priority. The answer was simple, food is more important. I can't argue with that.
    Anyway, Davis and I have really bonded and that is great but for those of you who know me there are a few things that complicate the attachment process:
    I. I hate to be hot
    C. I love Air Conditioning
    III. I have issues with personal space, meaning don't come into mine
    H. I am claustrophobic
    13. The car that we rented doesn't have a/c and it is small
    Therefore with these factors in mind I spent the previous 3 days with God truly challenging me. I hate to be hot, I am claustrophobic, and I don't like to be touched...and Davis won't go to Brandi!!! It is literally like holding a hot water bottle while standing by a roaring fire. I can't wait till we have to use car seats.
  • Drama:
    Why is that yahoo groups and blogs (nots glogs) have become a forum for drama...whatever happened to picking up the phone and gossipping. Whatever happened to freedom of speech, why do we have to comment on what other people say in forums such as these or limit the questions that people are allowed to ask? Even as I write this my freedom of speech and right to bear arms are being limited...the speech is because Brandi is concerned what people will say on the yahoo groups and what people will post as comments on this fine glog. The right to bear arms is being limited by the Liberian government because it is illegal to carry a gun here. Not much I can do about either.
  • Carbon Monoxide:
    I have developed a case of carbon monoxide poisoning while here in Liberia. Self diagnosed of course, or maybe I have black lung... not really sure but the cars here stink. The traffic is terrible and the emmission control is not a high priority, so these factors combined with my current case of bronchitis make breathing difficult. Where is the EPA or the tree huggers when you need them. I'm not sure, I haven't ever had a need for them before.
  • So in conclusion a preface...I like the joy, I live for the drama, and I could do without the frustration and black lung.

  • Most Likely,

PS. I made no mention of the monkey drinking a Fanta because what else needs to be said, it's a chimpanzee drinking orange soda, how can it get any cooler than that.


Anonymous said...

Thought I would send an anonymous comment to ease some of your frustrations. Keep letting him post Brandi, he's cracking me up.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't get much better than a chimp drinking an orange Fanta. I also wanted to ease your frustrations, hence anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Glogging!! If you want to be part of Greg's club...you're a Gloghead! We need tshirts!

"I'm a Gloghead

Truly, he is a renaissance man! I'm laughing, tears in my eyes laughing! Oh more, much more!!!!!!

I'm going to google Postman Tom!! Love, Denise

Anonymous said...

Glog?! GLOG? What are you THINKING?! I can't believe a person like you, who claims to be a good Christian, would use that term!

How's that for controversy?

Donna Barber said...

Glogging? What are the rules? Is it like yahoo groups? I dont want to get kicked off so I think your next post should be rules here. ha!

Brandi- I cant find what or where your blog address is. Where is it? ha!

Anonymous said...

Dear Glogger...funny! The end.

Anonymous said...

I think you've discovered your true calling...blogging! I think you should leave the financial world and do this full time. The world needs your witty prose and satirical world analysis. You had to go all the way to Africa, but you've discovered a gift, my friend. Don't hide it under a bushel basket!

Jocelyn said...

Greg I love the glogs!...Keep it up. Brandi I can't wait until you are back in the states!



Dianna said...


You gave us a good laugh after a long day! We are praying for you guys daily and sometimes more than that! Give Brandi a big hug from me (Dianna), that is after you have showered! Haha!

Dianna and Steve Mason

Andrea said...

Greg---I have a feeling you're head is going to have a hard time fitting through the door of the plane.Everybody thinking you're so great...You're gonna need to get over that quick, fast and in a hurry. I'm not scared of you so I'll sign my name, Amanda

Anonymous said...


u are pretty dern funny there mister.

if you wrote a blog, I would read it daily and post anonymous quotes for your enjoyment.

running shoes said...

greg- i've never met you, but your blogging, um, glogging skills are excellent.

brandi- the force is strong with that one. miss you kid.

so happy for the pair of you and your new addition.
God is so good!

Jackie Sue said...

But wait, was it a wild chimp or a tame one??? Did you get to hold it or anything fun like that! In all the heat I'm sure you want to be holding a stinky chimp...oh well, one can dream(i've always wanted to bottle feed a monkey). Glogging...sorry, but I just can't see this catching on...but it is entertaining. Sorry the conflict left...you remind me on my son, he LOVES conflict :) Blessings and safe travels!

Kari said...

Love the picture:) You miserable in hot and crowded spaces, who knew? I know it is worth it to be holding your son. We love you all and it feels like you've been gone forever. Love you.

julie said...

ok, now greg knows how to post! Not that you don't Brandi, but after all this waiting, a good laugh at the end of the day is very good for the soul. Keep it up, we love it.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

As much as I love a good controversy, I also can only tell the truth :), so I must sign my name.
I didn't know your annoying sense of humor could actually sound so funny in a post!

Anonymous said...


I miss your humor- you and my hubby are sooo much alike! I am praying for you for safe travels and extra space on the plane. Brandi I miss you all sooo much- we will catch up soon-

Much love and prayers-