Friday, December 28, 2007

The rest of Christmas

More Christmas pics. . .as you can see, the kids LOVED Christmas! It was fun having kids old enough to really enjoy it this year. Brayden was a hoot. They struggled a bit (like we knew they would) on waiting their turn and showing some of their inborn selfishness. . .but, did good overall. They were quick to listen and choose to wait and be excited for others after a little reminding. Greg and I were both proud of all of them.

First of all, here are some other Christmas Eve shots. At my mom's family Christmas, Santa always makes an appearance. What's really funny is that the older cousins (who "do" Santa) figured out that it was my dad the last couple of years. . .so, just to mess with them, my cousin Eric took the gig for this year!

As you can see. . .Gracie still LOVES "Anta". She kept calling his name and looking for him all night. She would have sat in his lap forever. Which is particularly funny since she doesn't really go to other people well. This is Davis and Jordan. . .Last month, I blogged about Jordan becoming an official member of our family when my cousin Jenny finally completed their adoption through the state. So, these are the 2 newest members of the extended Anderson family for this year!

These are from Christmas morning. We got up early (shocker!) and opened stockings as soon as Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Laura, Uncle Slim and Uncle Jimmy came over. How funny is this one? What a classic face! This boy loves his Diego! (except for the fact that I bought this at CVS and it already doesn't work!)

After stockings, we headed over to our friends' house for breakfast. . .a blast, but sorry, no pics! We came home for a nice long nap, then off to my parents' for present time there.

These were Davis' two favorites. He LOVES his new FP3 player and fun earphones from Nana and Grandad and LOVES his soccerball from "Tete" and Uncle David.
Davis and Aunt Stephani, who my kids call "Tete" (pronounced TayTay)

Gracie loved her new dollies all around!
Brayden loved all of his presents! suprise, surprise! He especially loved his scooter and leapster from Nana and Grandad

After presents, we headed over to my Aunt Shannon and Uncle Barry's home. For more info on them, read my festivus post! They are the best! We got there a bit late and hung out with my grandparents, cousins and my aunt's family too. It was a wonderful time and my kids LOVE going over there. . they have 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, multiple drum sets and toys and oh yeah, lots of kids to play with too! The kids got Rock Band so my kids basically watched them do that. . .except for Davis, who was pretty sure he was ready to be a drummer already!
All in all, a wonderful holiday filled with tons of memories and special times. It was so special to have Davis home with us. Our recent trip definitely helped keep us a bit grounded during this time of greediness. . my kids are already tired of hearing, "well in Africa the kids. . .". I'm pretty sure this is the most amazing December ever! Thank you Jesus !!!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Very fun!
Morgan has already rolled her eyes at one of your "You know in Africa, they...". You are going to be one of "those moms" now. That's ok, you bring a good dose of reality to this Babylon country.

Missy said...

It sounds and looks like you guys had a fantastic Chrismtas. You certainly don't look like you are weary and sleep look beautiful. Your pictures are wonderful. I just can't get over that huge grin that Davis has. Don't you just love it? Happy New Year friend. Love, Missy

Jess said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Davis looks like he has been with you his whole lifetime already!! HAve a Happy New Year!
Julie L

Karin said...

Hi Brandi!
I just "stopped by" after seeing that your picture on Jackies comment post now includes Davis! I have linked over here before to see how the adoption was going! How exciting to finally all be together! Your pictures are really awesome~ Davis looks so happy!
I love happy endings!!

Take Care,

steffany said...

How awesome, what a blessing to have such a large close family! I love festivus- that cracked me up

Jamie said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I love all the pics!

Jocelyn said...

Great-looking pics! Happy New Year! :)

Alward Family said...

My first impression is that you guys are in tank tops, shorts and warm weather gear...what's up with that you Floridians? And secondly, very cute pics!

I am blogging "more" just for you, girl.


julie said...

loved the pics of your kids. it is so great that you have davis home for christmas! i said the same comments to my kids this year. they are older so if i miss a time that a good comment would fit into the conversation they add it for me! too funny. have a great new year too.

Danielle said...

Thanks for leaving a comment:) I love to meet adoptive mamas.

You have a beautiful family! I really enjoyed the pictures. I was laughing over your festivus (too clever)...and also thought it was wonderfully amazing that you got to meet James Sirleaf, despite the embarrassment which you handled very well (that's as far as I got).


Emily said...

You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are all so cute!!! What a beautiful family!