Friday, January 18, 2008

Florida Backyard!

Ok, just for you Missy! We have been laughing about how amazing our friends' backyards are compared to ours. Amber has amazing winter pics and Jamie's pics of her backyard are gorgeous. . .they make you super jealous!

So, here's my backyard! Seriously, when we joked about posting pics of our 3 x 3 backyards. . .I was serious! This is our WHOLE backyard! We own 70 feet back, but have no clue what'd we do with it, so we leave it be! Pretty much, it's just used for Dumptruck's pooping ground!

Here's our front yard. . .the flower bed was beautiful before we went to Africa. Surprise, surprise I haven't had time to do much lately!
This is our back porch / play room. Thankfully, it is warm here in sunny Florida so my kids can play outside all the time!

Well, after complaining about our "view" I plugged those pics into my computer and realized that I had more pics that hadn't been downloaded yet. . .BEACH pics! Ok, so my view isn't great outside my home. . .and truthfully, there is NO horizon here so driving isn't pretty. However, a couple of weeks ago, we hopped in the car after going to early service at church and headed to a surf competition at the beach. It was also Davis' first beach trip! The pics aren't fabulous, but we did go to the beach in January. . .so, I guess no complaining!

This is Uncle Brackston, whom the kids love. He just moved to town and we're still waiting for his lovely wife (who for privacy reasons will remain nameless) to finally move down!


Missy said...

oh wow! that is tiny. but, hey, who needs a yard when you're just a hop and a skip from the ocean.

steffany said...

We have that same place house. At least dumptruck has a place to unload his dump.
I love the beach picks, I'm kind of sick of being cold right now.

Anonymous said...

The beach pictures are a very welcome sight-living here in the Cold Northeast! When we look at the window we see snow!!
Julie L.

I got my copy of Red Letters as well-am anxious to hear what you think as you read it

julie said...

did i ever tell you that you have the cutest kids ever? thanks for the pics.

amber said...

Great post! It made me smile!

The beach pictures made me jealous! Live it up for all of us who freeze our behinds off every time we dash outside to start the car (to let it warm up for a few minutes before driving it.)

your friend from the very white, very frozen, northern tip of the contiguous States...

Sorry we haven't been able to connect for a while. I have been needing to focus on H this week. You know I love you and you know I'm with ya. :)

Anonymous said...

That's the one thing us Floridians typically lack~ backyards. Maybe the builders figure we'd be too hot to be outside or something... but the screened porch is great for the kids.. and I'm sure you cut down on the bug repellent and bug bites... it's all about the cup 1/2 full...positive thinking!
Those are great beach pics. We've been to the beach 1 time since we moved down here 5 years ago... Those pics make me want to visit for the 2nd time!

jaz said...

Yeah, NO complaining when you're playing at the beach in JANUARY!!! ;0) I just can't feel sorry for you with all those great beach pics! :0) I especially love the one of Greg walking with the kids.
Love ya,
Jamie (you know, over here by Amber, with the beautiful backyard that's too cold to set foot into...) :0)

Jamie said...

Well at least you have the back porch to play in!!! We had a big yard and then moved last summer. I love our smaller yard! Zach does even more- less to mow!

Great beach pics!!!

Alward Family said...

Okay Brandi that is a small backyard! I'll have to post some pics of ours as we are in the burbs but we moved from a newer development to this established neighborhood specifically for the bigger yard and mature trees. Although it's nothing compared to all of our Wisconsin friends with acreage and farm animals!


Anonymous said...


Funny how life changes I now live on 5 acres and cannot even see the end of my "Backyard" from my back porch! Never thought that would be my life! Sure am jealous of the beach trips so no complaining it is 13 degress here!

Love you-

Anonymous said...

YAY for Brandi's back yard! The pictures at the beach are really precious! They make me want to take a break from our frigid weather out here in the Northeast corner of WA and come run barefooted in the warm sand. You're children are all so darn cute! Even though this is my first official post I have been a long time stalker sorry it has taken so long to comment(silly me)- I have heard so much about you from Amber in addition to what I have seen and read on here. I am always so blessed by your huge heart for people - keep up the good work! Sarah

Christina said...

I didn't realize you were close to Brackston! How cool...