Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Red Letters

My friend, Jamin, just wrote about this book on his blog. It looks amazing. It's called Red Letters: Living a Faith that Bleeds. I just ordered in on amazon for 8.20 + shipping. I thought you guys might be interesting in ordering it or checking it out at your local library and reading along. I know I'll probably be posting on it a lot! Check out Jamin's thoughts on it and Join Me!


amber said...

I love Tom Davis. I was in a book club that went through his first book "Fields of the Fatherless" a couple months ago -- it was great!

I have been meaning to get "Red Letters" but things have been so crazy with adoption adjustments and the holidays...
I'd love to finally read it! :)


Oh, and I am not ignoring you!! I seriously still do not have a phone! I know, I know... it's terrible.
Peter assured me that he would fix it over the weekend (turns out it's a problem on our end... not the phone company's) but he didn't get a chance to...
And, I never got a new cell because I thought the home phone would be working again.... so with Peter gone on an install this week with his phone, I am only reachable online... (except I can hear the messages on my cell phone -- but that's it! Argghh! :)

I will call you THE MINUTE I have a phone again! :)

The Nahid Family said...

This is a great book! Definitely worth reading!


Anonymous said...


Hey friend- I just finished this book it is amazing you are going to love it!

Miss you-

steffany said...

Don't start reading it yet, I just ordered mine.

Jocelyn said...

Hi! How's it going? Just stopping by to say hi! :)