Tuesday, February 5, 2008

5 Weird Things About Me

Cassie tagged me a while ago! She has actually been quite annoyed that I haven't actually done this yet! Sorry, Cass! Ok, so the tag is 5 weird things about me. Here's my problem: I seem normal to ME! I had to actually have Cassie help me with this. Truthfully, I know there are WAY more weird things that I just don't recognize. As long as they aren't mean, feel free to comment on my weirdness. Cassie's list actually cracked me up!

1. I have "friends" at the mall, restaurants, online, etc...Cassie said it, and it's most definitely TRUE! Growing up, I made friends at every store or restaurant we frequented. This has continued. As much as those aren't "real" friends, though (although some have grown into real friends and many have come to church!) I do feel like I have made good friends through blogging. Some of you girls are quickly becoming close friends. You share my heartbeat in a unique way and I love ya!

2. I could eat McDonald's every day of your life and be happy! Sorry, granola girls! I would chose Mickey D's or Chick Fil A over a homecooked meal any day!

3. I have the ability to make people think they want to sign up for something before they even know what it is. Cassie said this one, and I think it's true. I kind of have a penchant for recruiting. Good thing too, b/c some of our events require at least 100 volunteers! I don't think of it as being pushy, but casting vision so people get excited and JUMP on board!

4. I am pretty cheap. This isn't that weird, except for the family I came from! Even when I was little I would cry if my dad made me order a real meal at an expensive restaurant. I still to this day order the cheapest thing or an appetizer! I even cried when my dad gave me an expensive watch for my 18th birthday! sorry, dad! I'm sure that wasn't the most grateful response!

5. I do this really weird lip thing with attitude. Kind of a pucker but more like getting ready to "suck my teeth" if you know what that means. I have friends who make fun of me for it, but I must say: Jess does it too! I think many of you may too!

I tag the following 5 people: Amber, Missy, Donna, Katy and Laurie (can I tell you guys who to tag too. . .I hate making choices . .I want to hear what both Jamies, Julie R., Katie, Jocelyn and a hundred more would write too. . so make sure you tag others!)


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Good Job! See, you aren't nearly as normal as you think :)
I'm not really sure if there is such a thing as normal.
But driving a limo through the McDonald's parking lot for your birthday is definitely NOT normal!!

Alward Family said...

That is some funny stuff! The fast food thing is bit crazy but hey every one has their quirks!


P.S. And no news from Candace, ugh!

Missy said...

First of all, NO, you can't tell me who to tag. I buck authority.

Secondly, I challenge you to try to get me to sign up for something that I don't know anything about. I actually read the terms before I check the box to sign up for a new acct on the interntet.

And third, Really? Everyday? eewww!! Haven't you seen "Super size Me"?

OK, I think I've already shared a couple of weird things about myself in this comment, but I'll ses what else I can come up with in the next couple of days. I'm afraid to ask people. What if they tell me something that I think is totally normal and then I get mad at them?

Thanks for the tag, I'm honored.

steffany said...

I thought it was suppose to be weird stuff, not 5 charming things.

Granted the crying at a watch is borderline weird.

Where's the real meat to your weirdness?

Laura said...

I think that one more of your weird things are your many voices... you should write about that- ya know like the ministry voice, mom voice, etc

amber said...

This was great! But I think I will have to see the "lip thing" in person to understand what you're talking about because I am NOT getting a visual on that one! :)

Although, I have to agree that none of these were very weird... so I guess you are right that you are mostly normal! I don't know if I want to post my weird things -- I might scare off my blog readers! Ha -- J/K! :)

I'll do it later, I promise. Thanks for the tag. I might not get to it until next week, because our anniversary is on Friday, but rest assured, I will do it!

Love ya,

julie said...

One weird thing about me Brandi, I can make emails post in the future! THAT, my friend, is pretty weird.

Anonymous said...

Another uncommon trait that Brandi possesses would have to be the most odorous extremities on the eastern seaboard. Additionally when she is really tired her left ocular unit spasms as if it were completely independent from the remainder of her person.

---Consider yourself glogged!!!

Missy said...

So, stinky feet, huh? and what about that eye thing? Too funny.

OK, I'm done. Check it out. I'm a total freak and I know it.

Anonymous said...

Brandi - how funny! Yes, I think I would like to see that lip thing in person. You really don't seem like a very weird person to me though. :-)And I just have to say that McDonald's really doesn't deserve all the razzing it gets. I've officially added you to my sidebar - yet another somebody watching your life from afar. Happy Birthday a little late! Blessings, Sarah

The Adoption Of William said...

You are funny! I like fast food too, Taco bell bean buritos. Hubby does agree so I do not get it much!

Blessings :)

Karin said...

I would rather eat at fancy restaurants anyday... but anything will be sufficiant if I don't have to cook!
Yeah. I can see that volunteer thing~ we had attended "your" church about 2 years ago while in transition (our church had "closed its doors" and we were waiting for a church plant that we now attend). When I started visiting your blog, I described you to my husband as the "blond volunteer girl"... I think I may have used the word peppy too... yup. I'm pretty sure I did! Anyways, you make volunteering look like such a good time... and the only reason you didn't suck me in, is I was in my pew warmer stage. :)


steffany said...

12 comments on your weirdness!
Are you feeling the love yet?

Kami said...

Hey there,
I have tons of pics of our house posted on http://kamina.shutterfly.com/action/. We finished building our own home Nov 2006.

Jocelyn said...

I'm so doing a list even though you didn't really tag me. I can't help myself!