Thursday, February 28, 2008


*Note* These next 3 posts are really all one. . .I've noticed that lots of people put their pics up each as a separate post. . .I like this, b/c sometimes when the blog is so long. . I don't know what to comment on at the end (Jamie Z=). . .so, not every pic is it's own, but I did 3 separate sections!

On Thursday night, we were invited to a dinner out at Epcot for my dad's company. It was a blast. To give you some background, my children watch, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" every day! They LOVE it! However, in person, Davis HATES the characters (hence the reason he's not in any but this one!). I have to imagine that it's a little far fetched for a little Liberian! He must think, "well, we've got REALLY big lizards there, but I have NEVER seen a rat that large!" ha ha! Gracie, on the other hand is at the age where most kids are scared of the characters. Not Gracie! She ran up to Mickey at this party and hugged him and took pictures for 20 min! There are other cute pics that their photographer took, I'm sure. . .but, I haven't done the work to go find them yet!

As a part of this weekend, the company gave all the employees 2 2-day park hopper passes. My dad gave me his and scored another one too! So, while since Greg had gotten his wisdom teeth out (see Glogging on Heavy Meds) I decided to take the kids to Animal Kingdom all day Saturday. Since I was going alone, I decided to invite along on of the famous "Nee Girls". Ruth was gracious enough to spend the day with us and help me too! We had a blast. . even though, it rained most of the day! The kids stayed positive and we just didn't worry about our hair or clothes or the fact that we were soaked! It ended up being a lot of fun. We met up with some other CNL people and hung out with them for a while. With that many adults, we even did the roller coasters and big kid rides too!
The kids with Timon (from the Lion King)
And, of course, Rafiki (also from the Lion King)
Lilo and Stitch. . .not my favorite, but they were characters!
Watching, "The Festival of the Lion King" my favorite show on Disney property!
With Goofy and Pluto. . .2 of my kids' favorites!


Jess said...

It's so cute that she loves all the characters so much she really is too cute with it.

steffany said...

Rafiki looks like he's assaulting your friend:)

Scott said...

That first picture is exactly how Joseph looks when he is confronted with something new.....He is spreading his wings tho, he will go to a couple of different people now and loves on them (outside of the family I mean)

kylacami said...

What fun that you live so close to Disney that you can go to the different parks regularly! Our kids loved seeing the different chatacters when we were there a few years ago!
Julie L

Amber Shimel said...

Ok, I am sooo jealous you had Ruth with you!!! We were at the Magic Kingdom that day and had Chad with us, and my friend and her daughter, so we had an equal kid:adult ratio. But then went back on Tuesday and the kids outnumbered us, and we got caught in a nasty thunderstorm on our way to the car... I have tons of pictures on my facebook page. Anyway, looks like you had a great time! And the Festival of the Lion King show is my absolute favorite show on Disney property too!