Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Safari

Brayden actually took this picture! It turned out ok. . .way better than the others which were, "I'm taking a picture of your booty" oh my!
Our favorite thing at Animal Kingdom is the SAFARI!!! There are wild animals left to roam free! I swear I like this just as much as the kiddos! Unfortunately, Gracie fell asleep just before we got on. . . .poor thing, missing it all. However, Miss Ruth was thrilled to have Gracie snuggle in!
The boys sat with Aunt Monica and Uncle Brac. . .I'll have to tell you our funny story of Gracie and her "momica" later. . .she's such a hoot! They LOVE Momica and Bwac and are SO happy to have them live here and dote on them!
Ok. . .no joke. . this is without a zoom!! We drove right past him standing on the side of the trail!
It is so rare to see the lions here b/c they sleep 18 hours a day! This was the best safari b/c both lions were awake. I wasn't quick enough to get the lioness and totally missed the front of this lion. He walked right over and looked at us!


steffany said...

Oh I love Animal Kingdom!
It looks like you had a blast:)

Karin said...

I've never seen the lions move! How cool!
So, here's my question: are the gators under the ricketty bridge real? I say no and study them every time we go but Eric says they are! (am I allowed to ask you questions in your comments?)

amber said...

Wow -- looks like so much fun!! Great pictures! I loved them all, especially the dripping, smeared ice-cream ones! Too cute!!
Peter took H to the appointment this morning and I am here in the hotel room with Jo waiting for them to get back... I will let you know how it went later.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I love seeing pictures of Davis! He looks so great. Are we going to get an update on him soon? Size/weight gain, etc.? I love learning how far the kids come in just months after being home.


annNEE said...

ok. so Ruthie went to disney with you? I didn't even know that. Some sister I am!

What great Pix!!! Thanks for sharing!!