Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random, I know!

Ok, so things are starting to feel much clearer here! I've been spending lots of time with Jesus and loving it! In any case, I am ready to tell you about my / OUR next project (oh yeah, you knew you'd be pulled in too!) However, I'm waiting for a few more odds and ends before I can post, so just wait. . .hopefully within the next 2 days!

For now. . I'll pass the time with this tag I got. You know, sometimes I don't like these tags. . but, truthfully I love reading others', especially my friends who I only know online. These tags give me a little insight into their lives past, present and most recently, weird! So, thanks to Miss Jen (or, as her name should be "walking in faith, Jen") tagged me to list random things about myself. It actually said weird or random, but I'm going with random b/c you know my weird!

*However, I must take this opportunity to love on Jen for a moment! She recently brought home Naoimi from Liberia who was a special needs little girl who was caustic (most of you heard me talk about her or show you her picture!) Well, now God has called them again. This time to be the parents of William, who has many special needs and needs to get home soon. If you feel so led, they are raising money for their adoption of William and every dollar helps!

Ok, on to randomness!

1. I have been outgoing and passionate since I was very little! My parents tease me b/c as a little girl (maybe 4-6) I would ask to go door to door to tell our neighbors about Jesus. . . you can imagine my mom's reaction. "um, ok" Instead of just door to door evangelism, we did door to door selling of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Every Saturday morning, we'd load up our wagon and go door to door selling hot doughnuts to raise money for missions.

2. I am a bit accident prone! Not AS much anymore. . but, when I was a teenager. . watch out! My youth pastor used to just say that I was too scrappy for my size. We once did a floor hockey tournament where I left with 2 black eyes!

3. As a child, yep, a gradeschooler, I used to love listening to Rush Limbaugh and debating with adults! I wasn't afraid of tackling evolution or abortion with any adult, no matter how educated! I'm sure it was annoying, but I got away with it b/c they were amazed that a 10 year old wanted to talk about that stuff!

4. I LOVE to read and always have. . .as a kid, I had a book with me everywhere I went (car, bathroom, etc!) In fact, I'm pretty sure most of the history I actually remember is from historical fiction!

5. In high school, I was sure that I would end up in the Christian Music Industry. I had big plans to go to Belmont and be a manager for some group. . .I was also obsessed with DC Talk!

6. That kind of leads me to this one. . .b/c it's where we first met the guys of DC Talk (as a 13 year old, pretty much the best day of my life haha!!) We, as a family, have been to almost every Billy Graham Crusade in the last 10 years. The crusade staff have become a second family to us and we have LOVED being a part of their organization. . if only at crusades (my dad was friends with the man who became the dir. of crusades for the US and he would go to be his "right hand")

7. I was homeschooled most of my life. . .I started in public school in K and 1st, but when the teacher asked us to bring a story to read aloud and I brought my Bible, I was told to pick a new book or sit in my seat. I sat in my seat and asked friends to stay in during recess to hear the Christmas story! After that it was in and out of homeschool or private school. I enjoyed both. The best part of homeschooling was the travel. My dad had to travel a lot for work, so we just went with him. Did school in the car, swam in the hotel pools (of course making a new best friend each time) and had dinner with clients each night!

8. I hate GPS systems!! Still to this day. I think it started b/c my mom used to let me sit in the front seat and be the navigator on our trips. I loved planning the best way somewhere and gained a good sense of N, S, E, W and even today would rather plan my own route! I also LOVE being the navigator in a new city. . .i.e. New York or Chicago!!

9. I used to be SUPER messy. Seriously, in college, you could not see the floor of our dorm room! It was BAD! Today, though, I can't leave my house until everything is picked up. . .not necessarily Clean (floors and stuff), but picked up almost always! (by the way, I have Greg and our big old arguments our first year of marriage to thank for this!! haha!!)

10. I currently have a great heart for (and God's growing it everyday) 4 African Nations. . .Liberia, Uganda, Zambia and Kenya. . .and, b/c of that, I am almost hesitant to read about other countries! I'm spread so thin and want to be involved in each of those already. (fingers in my ears) "I can't learn about another country"!!!

Ok, the other fun thing about this tag is that when you tag someone else you get to say why!
So, I tag:

Jessica - b/c she's super random and you will laugh your butt off reading her post to this, I am sure! *ps: I'm not tagging Cassie, so you can!

Kari- b/c she doesn't ever post and maybe this will make her! Also, it will introduce her to my blogging friends (you'll love her!)

Katy - b/c there are surgeries coming up and this will give her something to do at the hospital! Also, b/c we are SO different and I LOVE that we connect so much b/c of our love for Jesus!

Peter and Amber - Yep, I'm pulling Peter into the blogging game. He loves to talk on the phone and is just as connected to all of us, so he needs to maybe write some!!

Kami - She's so random that I'm sure she can find funny things to write that will make us giggle.. . .her weird list was already random enough!

Steffany - b/c she's the cool version of me! She'll have hilarious ones or super random ones!

Ok, so if I really tagged 10 there wouldn't be enough bloggers to go around. .so, I'm putting my foot down and stopping at 6 so you guys can tag others!! AND, I'll even refrain from telling you who to tag!

Ok, wait, two more! Erin - b/c I just love her and I know you will too!!!. . .and, she's about to go private, so you need to find her now and become her friend so that you can stay with her!

And, dear Missy! Mainly b/c I'd just about cry if someone forgot to tag her! I LOVE her heart!

PS: Yep, I made it my challenge to add a link to every item! When you are bored sometime, I challenge you to actually click on each of those links! haha made me laugh while the kids were watching Little Einsteins at least!


Jess said...

how can you be bored? You have 3 kids? Anyway, you are weird and random!

Welcome to Jen said...

You are just great Brandi!

Love ya!


Missy said...

girl, you can't tag me, jen already did. i'm glad you love me though. anyway, i can't think of 10more weird things about myself. i'm going to have to enlist some help. i don't know if it's just my computer, but i'm having a hard time reading your titles and links. could you change the color just for me, please???? afterall, it's all about me, right? :o)

love ya lots,

Bethany said...

Thank you!!! I can see, I can see!!

Missy said...

oops, that last one was from me, i didn't realize my daughter was signed in. anyway, the new colors work.

Anonymous said...

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I was wondering if you made all those links. BTW, the homeschooled link should totally have come to me :) That's alright, still love ya. I love that I can totally remember all these random things about you!
You are one of a kind!

amber said...

Ah, a fellow homeschooler! :0)
(I was homeschooled off and on all through school...)

I loved your random things -- you just constantly crack me up! ;) I can't wait to meet you someday to see if you are the person I have in my head from reading your blog! :)

I will either get Peter to write a list, or I will write one about his weirdness (which might be more interesting from my perspective anyway -- Ha!) Anyway, I'll get to it after we get home and things settle down (yep, we're still not home yet...)

Love ya,

Faith said...

OK, I TOTALLY see my 4 year old pistol Alana in you Brandi, praying that she turns out to love the Lord and be as much fun as you are now! ;)

Karin said...

okay. I read this right after you posted it but didn't comment because of my amazement. serious amazement. Being a kid from a secular home, growing up in a neighborhood that would've competed against wysteria lane(desprate housewives-!), I knew many kids that knew God but none shared the truth, their passion, or why the stood for what they stood for with me. How cool that it's always just been a part of who you are. amazing :)