Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just for the Fun of it. . .

Laura tagged me! I have read this on other's sites and found it cute, so I figured, "what the heck. . nothing else I should be doing at 11 pm!" ha! I'll have a serious post tomorrow to announce our NEW KidsLake project for the month, but thought I'd have a little fun with this first!

I am: a daughter of the King who desires to please Him!

I think: A LOT about Africa!

I know: people think I'm a bit odd

I want: to join God where He's at work and have the opportunity to sit and watch Him! I'm at Awe that He lets me!

I hate: most veggies

I miss: Liberia! And, strangely enough. . other places in Africa that I've never visited!

I fear: not much. . .possibly, spiders. .I sure don't LIKE them!

I feel: a little hungry, but I'm holding myself back from eating at this hour

I hear: the news. . but, I'm not listening!

I smell: not much. .I don't have a sense of smell. I asked and God took it mostly away a few years ago. . sometime, I'll tell that story!

I crave: chips and salty things like everyday!

I search: for new organizations in Africa that we can support

I regret: times when I have saddened my Jesus

I love: Jesus (and my amazing church, family and friends and especially my hubby and kiddos!)

I ache: for Africa!!!!!!!!!!!

I care: too much about what people think and am asking God to give me a passion for just HIS approval!

I always: call someone when I get in the car

I am not: very quiet

I believe: that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior who died on the cross to bring glory to His Father and rose again to offer his gift of salvation

I sing: random songs. . but not a ton. . I'm too busy talking!

I cry: when people offer to get involved in African projects and I didn't expect it. . It's like someone loving on my kids, it goes straight to my heart!

I fight: with Greg over who has to change the next diaper or get up with Brayden when he pees in the middle of the night!

I write:comments on other people's blogs. . pretty much every one that I read. I LOVE comments and know that others do too. .

I win: a lot in cards. . I have uncanny luck (if I believed in luck!)

I lose: my keys in my diaper bag EVERY DAY

I never: want to stop being passionate and involved in God's work

I listen: to my kids voices all day. . and to Diego in the background. . .

I can usually be found: with a couple of kids hanging off of me!

I am scared: of my kids not knowing Jesus when they grow up

I need: to go to bed!

I am happy about: the fact that Robin is coming to visit soon!

I hope: to be a light that shines in darkness, and someone who points others to Jesus, starting with my kids and expanding to those around me

I am tagging: Jocelyn, Missy, Julie R, Cassie, Jena, Erin and Charity (you guys tag the rest of the girls!)


Missy said...

this looks really really hard. do i have to do it?

Andrea said...

Winning in cards made me think of when you taught me Nuts, Nerts, whatever people call it. The game like Solitaire but you play it with more than one person. I have been playing a lot of that in Africa! I liked your other thoughts too. If you come to Uganda anytime soon, let me know :)

Amber Shimel said...

Ha! This was great!!! I would love to hear the story about you losing your sense of smell sometime!

Jess said...

I am lucky in cards too! I have to beleive in luck with cards...I don't think some of our older generation would appreciate me thinking that the Lord was helping me win.

amber said...

Wow -- just when I think I know all there is to know about Brandi, you write this list! (ha -- J/K by the way... :)

Lets see... you are definitely a faithful blog commentor! And I would agree that you aren't quiet... :)
I laughed about the fighting with Greg one, because that's Peter and me too (except I always win... :)
I love your heart for serving the Lord and the love you have for Africa...
And I am looking forward to playing cards when we come visit! You play Nerts? We LOVE Nerts. :) My best friend is a CUT-THROAT Nerts player... so I have had a lot of practice against the best... I hope you're ready. :)

Love ya,

Misi said...

i love meme's they are so much fun although i think im in the minority w that:)

Danielle said...

This was a neat way to get to know more about you:)

I am so guilty of not leaving comments on blogs...and you made me think. Usually I read them at night and my brain is only half working...the reading half:) I'll have to work on it.

And...very curious about your sense of smell...

Blessings, Danielle

Charity said...

Ok, what is Nerts??


julie said...

fun stuff........yours and gloggers. I will work on my list. i don't know if i should do my usual smart alec comments like greg's :0), or more serious like yours. they are both fun to read.


Anonymous said...

This tag is fun. I just did mine not too long ago. Nice to know more about you.

Anonymous said...

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