Friday, May 23, 2008

9 Days Left

Have you guys checked out KidsLake? This month, our featured organization and country is a Women's and Children's Hospital in Mali, West Africa. This hospital not only make a difference in whether many of these women and babies live or die, but they also take the opportunity to tell them WHY they are serving them, for God's Glory alone.

Remember, the goal of KidsLake isn't just to raise money, it's to help you encourage your kids to make a difference. To help them gain perspective on our world and it's needs. And, to help them find unique ways that God may have gifted them and trying to use those things for His Kingdom, even now while still children! The bonus, is that you get to come alongside your kid and use the opportunity to (shhh) teach them too! Check out the post, KidsLake for Parents for ideas on how to teach them about Mali or the needs of her people. Also, remember to use this time to help your kids pray for others!

We were so excited that Whitehall Academy of Atlanta, GA participated in last month's project. We heard story after story of how that group of parents and kids learned about and LOVED the Ugandan people last month. This 2nd grade class alone raised $1145!!!! Thanks Guys! Our total for the month was $2642.07! This was enough to provide tuition, uniforms, books, pencils, paper and chalk to 120 kids at Rapha School in Uganda!!! Praise the Lord!

There is still time to help the Mali Hospital. We have still have 9 days left this month! Some ideas (remembering that this month, you can raise money or send packages of meds!)

LemonAID for Mali (stolen from Whitehall Academy's LemonAID for Uganda!) outside of school
Selling Donuts or Bagels before Church
Doing extra chores around the house
Asking to help babysit or be a Mama's helper for a family in your neighborhood or church
Asking to order just water at a restaurant or skipping a fun activity

Maybe email your friends and family (or even make cute little cards explaining what you are doing) and asking them to bring children and infant meds on a certain day and your family will be responsible for mailing them in!

Those are just some ideas. . .be creative! Watch for your kids' giftings and help them use them for His Kingdom!

PS If your family is participating, we'd love to know! Send us an email at we are also always looking for kid-attainable fundraisers in other countries, email me if you have an idea at


Sarah said...

Hey Brandi! You should check out my blog, some of us here in the office are promoting this fundraiser too for the Koutiala Hospital. Have you heard of the Bike 4 Mali fundraiser? He is biking his way across country (stopping in to say hi here too). Pretty cool. Anyways there is a link on my page to more info.!

julie said...

ya brandi i am on your blog now....are you tracking me??? ha ha