Thursday, May 15, 2008

Call to Prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calling all prayer warriors!!

My friend Julie and her hubby Scott NEEDS your prayer. We are starting a round the clock prayer watch for her and would love for you to be involved (even if you don't know Julie!). She has been waiting to pick up her 8 year old son, Teddy, from Liberia for OVER a year!! She has dealt with lost referrals, 2 trips to Liberia (one where she had to stay a whole month just to figure out Teddy's case), getting to know her son and having to drop him BACK off at an orphanage and delay after delay. Please lift her up. You can imagine her weariness, her ache for her son, her question and constant prayer for his physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, her fear that she will never bring him home and so many more emotions. There is even WAY more to her story than I will even share here, but know that her family especially including Teddy desparately need your pryares. Currently, Teddy's case is sitting on a judge's desk awaiting a decision (we call it finalization. This may confuse some b/c Teddy was already finalized. But, since his first finalization was done with paperwork saying that he had an abandonded father and dead mother which Julie found out wasn't the case. . everything had to be redone). Right now, the Liberian gov't has shut down all adoptions until they figure out a good system and laws for it. There should be a decision made soon. Pray for the impact that may have on Teddy's case.

Pray for:
1. The logistics of Teddy's case. Getting it finalized
2. Pray for peace for every person involved
3. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Julie and her family
4. Pray that this time would be used in each of their lives for HIS glory. That they wouldn't just "get through it" but would "get out of it" whatever He intends
5. Pray that God will create something beautiful in each of them and have this be a time of intimacy like they have never experienced before
6. Pray for finances. They still need at least $2,500 to even buy tickets.

Here is the schedule so far. . .remember, you are signing up for a specific hour. This doesn't mean you have to pray this entire time, just sometime during this hour every day until there is resolution. We will also take multiple people per hour. How amazing would it be for Julie and her family to know that there were people all across the country lifting them up every day? PLEASE, even if you've never commented before, comment now. If you can't sign up for an hour, pray in the comment. I'll forward all of this to Julie and Scott. Just reply in a comment what hour you'd like and I will edit this post to reflect it when I get home tonight!

*All times are in est. subtract 1 hour for central, 2 for mountain, and 3 for pacific)
**edited as of 4 pm est on 5/16
1 am Amber
2 am
3 am
4 am Cindy in WV
5 am Jena
6 am Brandi
7 am Missy and Whitney W.
8 am Pat J
9 am Misi in FL and Randie T and Carolyn in FL
10 am Katy
11 am Jennifer K
12 pm Megan S
1 pm Laurie L
2 pm Katie B, Christina H
3 pm Melissa A
4 pm Sandra
5 pm
6 pm
7 pm Lisa in IL
8 pm Denise and Christie in FL
9 pm Julie L
10 pm Melinda
11 pm
12 am Jocelyn
Thanks guys. I can't wait to watch as people all across the globe Stand in the Gap for Julie and her family. WE get to be a part of the story by choosing to pray!!


Misi said...

Right now starting at 9 am.....

Danielle said...

It's 10:08 Am in MI. I can't sign up for a time, but all of my children and I are going to get together and pray right now.

We've been in a similar situation, so I know the emotional rollercoaster that is involved.

In prayer...

blessedmommy said...

I will take 3 p.m.
We will start praying today.
In Christ,
Melissa Arnold

Kim & Dale said...

I'll take 9 p.m. every night. Thanks for taking the initiative to do this!

Much love,

Lisa said...


S and K said...

I'll take 10 am!

Charity said...

I will take the 5 or 6 EST- which ever is still open...


Melinda said...

Count me in for the 10pm spot. I am in Illinois so central time zone. I think this is awesome and I am anxious to see God move! How powerful!

Cindy said...

God bless them!
I will pray at 4 am.

Cindy in WV

Missy said...

I'm so thrilled to see this list complete and I can't wait to see what God does in the lives of the Redman Family.

Anonymous said...

I will take 7am every day.
~Whitney Waechter

julie said...

how awesome and overwhelming to know that all these families care about our situation and are willing to pray this little boy home. our family wants you all to know how much we appreciate your prayers during this time. we also want to thank those of you who have sent in donations toward bringing him home. we can see god's hand moving in extraordinary ways. thanks everyone!
julie and family

Johnson said...
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Johnson said...

I meant 11pm (that will be 9pm in Colorado, mountain time).

Andrew said...

I hope this is good news -- it's a little premature -- I thought I would let you know anyway. This morning the deputy minister in charge of adoptions presented Liberia's new policy on international adoptions to the legislature.
While I don't know yet whether it's "for" or "against", at least the ball is rolling again, and hopefully the dam is burst. Keep on praying...

God bless.