Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May KidsLake

I am so amazed to have been a small part of what God did in the month of April! You guys gave enough to fund a brand new clean water well for the Rapha Community! Thank you guys! Also, we have almost enough money to pay for ALL 120 kids in Rapha school!! In fact, we are just $200 shy and Jake's class is still not even done! God is SOOOOO Good!!! I can't wait for Katie or Jena to get their butts to Uganda and get us some pictures of those sweet kiddos!

So, (drumroll please). . .the May project for KidsLake is Finally here!!! We will be praying for and raising money for Koutiala Women's and Children's Hospital in Mali, West Africa! Click on over to www.kidslake.org for more info and for our post with lots of links to help teach your kids about Mali and it's people! The kids are challenged to raise, earn and save money for:

$6 Thermometers (to be used at the hospital)
$8 Mama Packs (to be given to the Mamas after delivery. . .one of the main reasons women come to deliver at Koutiala is to receive these baby clothes, diapers and essentials!)
$10 Vitamins
$125 Stethascopes (for classes or church groups to go together for!)

This time you also have a second option: Mailing Packages! Yep, if you are a great coupon cutter, this may be the way for you! The hospital is in need of children / infant medicines like Tylenol or Advil, etc Feel free to buy these and send them in to Shelby Alliance Church in Ohio to be packed with the rest of the items!

Thanks for your participation! We can't wait to hear your stories this month!


Alward Family said...

I just got caught up on your last several posts and glogs. You have been a very busy lady! It looks like the Luau went very well and I loved your tag responses.


Johnson said...

I am so glad that all the kids were sponsored!!!