Monday, May 26, 2008

Research! Help!

Hey guys,

We need researchers. . .RLC is looking to compile loads of information so that when people are looking to adopt, they'll have access to lots of info all at one point. . however, that means actually compiling it! If any of you are interested in helping with this process, please let me know! We need info on tons of different countries and agencies and I'm looking for people who will take on the task of compiling all that info for a particular country (or two!). What they are looking for is to have a page like THIS, but for every country and filled in with all the necessary info. (ps: don't worry about how to put it on the page, we just need the info!)

That would include: a list of agencies working there. . costs associated with adoption, broken down by agency, timelines, pros and cons of particular country, possible websites for more info on that country, books to read about that country, demographics of country, orphan care model for country / agencies, travel tips, what to expect or not expect, and even paperwork advice! This means some serious research on lots of different agencies, some info that is available online and some you'll need to request info or email someone at the agencies. . phew, I'm tired thinking about it. .but, you know what? I sure wish I had this available when I was frantically googling "African Adoption" and every other phrase I could think of!

Will you consider taking a hold of a country or two and digging in for the sake of future adoptive parents? Your hard work and research could effect the lives of ophaned children, as many people turn from adoption because the information is just so hard to come by! Thanks! Email me if you are interested!


karin said...

I'm not ashamed....I'll bite. I have plenty of background in research (see? I'm researching now). Is this a paying request? :)

Brandi said...

Karin, your blog and email aren't showing up for me.

Can I get your email or blog addy?

Thanks for wanting to help! What country do you want to research?


karin said...

Strange..I'll fix that.

Send me the details and I'll let you know if I can help! No preference on the countries.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I am thinking about it. I want to just jump and say yes, that I would do this, but to be honest with 8 kids.. a baby due soon... and adjusting to a new child in our home, I am just not sure I should take this on right now. I will let you know!

Christi said...

Hi Brandi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and offering the encouraging words. People like you keep people like me going! I would love to help. I have been looking for a "project" to occupy my mind (I guess five kids isn't enough to keep me busy!). Just let me know what I can do.

Missy said...

This is going to be a good thing. Sorry I can't help right now, got too many other irons in the fire.
Love, Mis

Jess said...

How about a blog on potty training?

Amber said...

Not sure how I found your blog, but it looks like you and I have a few things in common: Adoption (your kids are beautiful) and a love of Africa. I was in West Africa on a medical mission last November. feel free to check out my blog,,, I have one of the fam and one of my trip.