Friday, July 4, 2008

Help, Please!

We, along with the leadership of Spirit Liberia, are anxiously awaiting quotes for our next 5 wells! Unfortunately, things in Liberia don't quite move at the pace we'd like! haha. . TIA (this is Africa!) So, instead of launching a new well project for Liberia this month, I'd like to feature RWI, Redeeming Waters Int'l! This organization has been started by 2 fellow adoptive mamas and friends, Jocelyn and Charity. RWI's goal is to provide Water Filtration Systems to orphanages. A water filtration system will actually take dirty water and make it clean! Their first project is in Kenya, partnering with Transformed Int'l to help 5 orphanages! They only need $5000 more to help save these children's lives!

Will you help? I'm going over right now to donate. I don't have much, but I'm praying that the Lord will multiply my $20 to way more! Will you do the same? Please consider giving and also helping spread the word! You can post this video on your blog, send out emails to friends or even share this opportunity with your friends, business partners or small group! Maybe you can get together and do a fundraiser or just pool your money. Hey, how about ditching the next girls night out for dinner and movie in one of your homes and pooling that money? You come up with the ideas. . .God will do the rest!

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CINDYRN said...

This is awesome. I was searching 'wells' yesterday and one of the sites I went to had your blogspot. I therefor was up until 0230 reading all your blogs. I didn't know how far reaching your ministry is. I am just starting a blog, but I eventually want a 'button' to help people donate.

Cindy Jo