Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today was Davis' readoption here in the states. This is so that he can get a birth certificate from the states and have more stateside paperwork. . .remembering that ALL of his paperwork originates in Liberia, if it were to become an unstable country again at some point. . he'd have no access to multiple copies of birth certificates, etc. So. . today was the big day. Thankfully, one of my dear friends, Carrie is a lawyer. . so, she did all the thinking and we just showed up! Thanks, Carrie! Unfortunately, everything is on the court's timetable so our court date was set for a day when all the grandparents are on vacation! However, Carrie was there (who's also a fellow adoptive mama with a sweetie pie from China) and my friend Jess made the trek too. Jess and I share passion for orphans of all shapes and sizes and I just about teared up walking into the courthouse, hoping that I'd be back there this year for Whitney and Jess! I can't wait guys!

It turned out to be a tad anti-climactic though! Not sure what I thought would happen, but we went into a room with a judge, Carrie asked us questions and the judge said, "I'll grant your petition." Alrighty then! Not a lot of fanfare, but another landmark in our process with our son. Today his name is officiall changed. drumroll please. . . .from Henry Davis in Liberia to
Gregory Davis ******(yeah, I'm not publishing our last name on our blog. . so just say it in your head if you know it!)

Yes, we decided to give Davis his new Daddy's first name as his own. That tears me up just thinking about it! I love how Davis LOVES having a Daddy and what a great daddy Greg is! We also think that when he grows up, he could us "G. Davis .. ." Sounds like a lawyer to me! ha ha

This is our pack for the day. . yeah, try keeping this team quiet in a courthouse! That's Brayden, Davis, Gracie, Jessica's little girl (and one of my children's favorite people) Abbie and our friend Shannon's little guys Trent and Gavin (Jess was sitting for them today and we were overjoyed to have them with us!) This is our family shot with Carrie! Thanks again. . it's nice having such smart friends!
Finally, a decent family picture!
After the courthouse, we headed to IHOP for breakfast! It was CRAZY! 6 kids 4 and under and 3 adults!
After breakfast, Greg headed to work and Jess and I took the kiddos to Monkey Joe's (a huge room filled with Inflatable Games) This is Brayden and Abbie's favorite way to take pictures. . .he kept giggling and then saying, "you're hugging me too tight!". It's so funny though. . I'll have to do a post of our pictures over the last 4 years. .I have TONS of this exact shot. . although they all used to be Brayden hugging Abbie. Now she's turning the tables!

The big kids had a blast. . but the littles are just a tad little. Davis loves the inflatables, but is still uneasy in a large group of children. It makes him really insecure and if he lost sight of me, he'd burst into uncontrollable tears! Gracie. . well, she's just too emotional to actually play! ha ha Being a wobbly runner anyways, bounce houses aren't her thing! So, we made faces and took funny pictures instead!
Isn't my boy darn cute? I think so!
Davis thinks it's HILARIOUS to take funny pictures. . he just laughs and laughs
Doesn't Jess look a bit evil?
Gracie tells me that she loves Jessica more than me! I, at least think, she might be teasing! I love it though. . .to have friends who love your little ones like you do. . well, there's not much better!

Thanks for celebrating with us! It was a good day in a weird week. I've not had the best week, but God has been so faithful and is using these challenging circumstances to teach me cool things. I'll share tomorrow night maybe!


Jman's momma said...

Yeah!! Congratulations.

Monkey Joe's what a great name!

I hate bad weeks! - we are in one ourselves. Prayed for you guys.

~ anne

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Happy Adoption Day!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Cute pictures of all of the kids!! Love, Christie

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Congratulations! Looks like a fun day.

Kelly said...

What a great feeling! He is really , truely, 100% yours in every way in the eyes of the law!! Congrats!! What a great addition to the ***** family!! :o)

Misi said...

First- Congratulations!!!
Second- I know you're a prayer warrior, will you please go to my blog and see what you can do to help?
This Mommy needs all willing Christians to pray, pray,pray!!! Please anyone else who reads this please: I beseech you!!!! Please! Time is not on our side!!

Spankie said...

congrats... beautiful family..


Cindy said...

Awww! Congratulations!!! What an amazing day!
I had to chuckle a little at the anti-climactic part! I felt the same way! Couldn't he just bang the gavel or something? lol

Anonymous said...

Wow. I immediately teared up when I read his name... named after his daddy! That is really wonderful.


love, annnee

Anonymous said...

YEA!! congratulations!! Yeah, weird week!! But, Great God!! Great husband, great kids!! Love you much! Denise

Melinda said...

Congratulations to Davis being official her in the US! Beautiful family picture! Praying for you whatever it is you are struggeling with!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brandi on Davis' readoption here in the states!

You do such a great job with getting pictures of your adorable crew! I love looking at them! Lately Sen has really been interested in grabbing out camera and getting shots which is a good thing as I never think of it!
Julie L

Campbell's Hope said...

Hey you great bunch of people whom we LOVE..Congrats to you all.
What great parents you are and what a great son you have..


Jackie Sue said...

Yay! Another piece of the paperwork completed. Congrats to all of you!

Amy said...

Davis has such a beautiful smile!

Thank for the help with my boys school supplies...........and next time you do IHOP, do mine ( 20% discount and super super service )

Love ya so much!

Laura said...

1. I miss your you guys.
2. Davis looked so handsome in his big boy clothes.
3. I need some Brayden time.
4. Gracie looks like a little girl, no longer a baby. I love it, but it makes me sad a little.
5. I hope to see you guys soon!

From Five to Eight said...

Congratulations!!! (We still have that last step to do)
Looks like it was a fun day for all. Love the name change :)

amber said...

Awesome! It's great to get that last step done and the official name change is significant. Congrats.

I love "G. Davis" -- VERY cool.


Anonymous said...

What a great family photo! Congratulations, Gregory Davis.

Billie said...

i think your little guy is cute, but you are way too cute too!

by the way, is it expensive to do the readoption? i get confused about all of that stuff.

Billie said...

oh yea! congrats!