Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Read 'em and Weep

Check out these 3 articles. . no, really, do it! They are worth your time!

First, check out Tom Davis' article on Great job, Tom. . thanks for encouraging us not to suck! (read the article and you'll get it!)

Next, for more Tom. . .go to Today's Christian for a great article profiling Tom and Emily. I love how she included Emily so much. I had read some of her story in Fields and can't wait to meet her! (Emily and Hannah, maybe just a girls trip to FL?!)

Lastly, prepare to be touched. I just read THIS article on the Bergens from Canada who are missionaries in Kenya. Last week, they were brutally beaten by their bodyguards. Read their story though to capture their hearts in the midst of this tragedy. Pray that their bodies heal and that HE continues to be glorified!

Happy Reading. . .

PS Be prepared for a nice, long, deep post soon that I've had floating around my heart for quite some time!


Jman's momma said...

Hey - all these great articles are killing me

But that last one - Forgiveness in those circumstances. I ask myself if I could do it. I am struggling with the thought of forgiving someone for stuff no where near that severe.

Do you ever read about people like this and say - am I letting God shine through my life like that? And if I'm not, will I ever be able to? I suppose that is why I am still a work in progress.

Oh and that other article, I read it on a friend's blog -
They are the friends who I talk about being the catalyst for us adopting. Johnny works for Bethany and works with churches to set up orphan ministries.


Misi said...

Oh wow. Just wow.

Jackie Sue said...

Thanks for sharing. It's good reading. The last article is absolutely word.

Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing those articles, Brandi! I will keep the Bergens in my prayers.

Misi said...

As if you didn't have enough to do, you've been tagged!!

Anonymous said...

oh, the article about the Bergens...would I have done the same? This one is going to soak in my spirit for awhile. To utter the name of JEsus, and to let the comfort of his name wash over her soul as her physical body was being battered. To love and forgive in the name of Christ.... Denise