Sunday, September 21, 2008

Awe Shucks

Wow, guys, Thanks! Two of my sweet blog friends have given me these super cool blog awards. My favorite thing about blog awards is that you get to pass them on!

So, here they are. The SMILE Award from Lisa, who by the way, you need to read. . .she is the adoptive mama of 3 precious ones from the Foster Care System and a true hero. The I Love Your Blog Award was from Melinda who is a very sweet blogging friend and mama to 4 little ones at home and one waiting for her in Ethiopia with a passion for the orphan and the widow (wonder why we're friends? hehe)!! Thanks girls. I appreciate the gesture and am amazed that you'd actually want to read my random ramblings. . much less be blessed!
Now, to pass it on. . .I have approx. 100 blogs I read and I just ADORE some of these girls (ok, I do have 3 guys' blogs that I read. . Jamin, Pastor Jon and Tom). So, open up another tab with your google reader or get ready to click your favorites button and add these babies to your list. . .if you don't already read and LOVE them!

I'm going to nominate 5 friends. You guys all WIN BOTH awards! You can pass on both of them or just pick one to pass on!

1. Melissa - She is a brand new foster mama to 2 teenage girls! Read and be blessed. . and don't forget to pray! Melissa, I am thankful that you are sharing your journey. You are making an eternal difference and I pray that these girls see Jesus in you and learn to trust Him.

2. Katie. . have I told you how much I adore her? I actually wasn't going to include her because I've talked about her so much already. . but then I read her most recent post and my whole heart just wells up with "I just love her!" I'm so excited to meet her kids and see her ministry first hand. I love her heart and her passion for the Lord. This is no ordinary college kid. . oh my! Ok, so I think I may be her PR person here, but everyone should read her blog!

3. Skyward Journey - my sweet Amber! She doesn't post as often as I'd like her too, anymore. But, when she does you will be blown away. She is deep, thoughtful, trusting and convicting all at the same time. Get ready to be challenged. . not because she in your face, but by her walk with the Lord and her sharing of it. You will be blessed. Amber, I can't WAIT to meet you in a few weeks!!

4. Whitney - my sweet friend. Whitney was one of my youth group sponsors and quiz coaches years ago. . who would have thought that 10 years later we would be close friends?! She and her hubby, Jay are adopting now. . . a 14 year old boy from the system. This process has been completely God and I am blessed to have walked the journey with them. In fact, Devon (their new soon to be son) recently found Whitney's blog. You've got to go read the comment he posted, but be ready with kleenex!

5. A More Simple Life by Jaime. This is another IRL friend (In Real Life. . though I don't like that term because I DO consider some of my blogging friends IRL friends!). She recently started this particular blog just to journal her spiritual journey. You will be blessed to read her sweet heart as she posts scriptures that the Lord is using and lessons He is teaching her.

Remember to add these girls to your lists. . .now go read and be blessed. . and hey, blog stalkers (ahem, Christie, Amber, Betsy) comment for them once and a while too!


auntie katie said...

thank you sweet brandi :)
i really do sooooo appreciate your support!

Amy said...

Brandi- Have you heard the song Love by Chris Tomlin and Watoto Children's Choir? Its on itunes and def worth the 99 cents! Its BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Getting awards is fun. isn't it???

Melissa said...

I didn't say Thank you yet? What's wrong with me? :) Thanks so much... I am working on my post righ now. And I also had to say I found Katie thru you and, yes, I think she is awesome!

Whitney said...

Thank you so much Brandi! It was so unexpected...I should probably go out and buy a new dress!

I love you!

amber said...

Awwwww... you are too sweet, my dear! (Although, I'm thinking this may be part of your grand master plan to get me posting more. Right??? :-)

Can't wait to meet you in person soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!