Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I cried out and He answered!

Thank you so much to those of you who have been praying for me! I am feeling it. I thought my head was going to explode yesterday with so many things to think through. The truth is, all of the planning is going very well. . .there's just so much to wrap my mind around!

Tonight, I was taking a bath so that I could spend some time with the Lord. He revealed to me how much He has provided for me this week and it brought me to tears. This past Sunday, I was throwing a shower for my friend Kris. Last week, our friend Brooke called and said that she wanted to help. . well, help she did. She came up with most of the concept, came over for a night of fun putting together some decor and handled most of the rest. I just couldn't thank her enough!! I was so excited for this shower, but afraid that it wasn't going to be as special as I had wanted. . .as I was thanking Brooke, you know what she said to me? "Bran, I was thinking through how I could help you and knew this was an area that I could help take on" That brings me to tears just writing it. She thought of me and wanted to help. God is so good!

Then, yesterday as my head is spinning with the vast number of things that have to be done by next week. . .not just for our retreat but for Fall Festival at the end of October. . for which I have to be completely ready by next week since I leave for Africa and won't be home most of October!! Well, in the midst of the craziness that is retreat, my friend Kelly who is the head of our retreat team reminds me. . ."Bran, what can I do for Fall Festival? Remember, I'll be here when you are gone" I couldn't hug her tight enough and I tear up again!

THEN, last night we had our Small Group Leaders Training. We invited all of our small group leaders to desserts at our Pastor's home for a time of fellowship and for Pastor Jon to help cast the vision of true shepherding. As you can imagine, just thinking about this event made me want to cry in frustration of how the heck?! In comes Allison, who says to me. . ."all you have to do is send the evite and I'll take care of the rest". She did everything else and we had a wonderful evening with over 30 of our small group leaders there!

This doesn't even take into account Abby and Cindy who spent the day at the church yesterday working on retreat stuff! I've also had several friends and family call or email me to tell me they are praying, especially for our upcoming trip.

God is SO good. I cried out. . He heard me and answered. And, He used my friends to do so! This is why I stand in awe of who our god is. He is just so intimate with us. Thank you Jesus and thank you sweet friends. I can not describe how you have touched me this week.

Thanks for your prayers. . and keep 'em coming! We leave for retreat on Thursday afternoon of next week so this coming up Tuesday is my last work day until October 21. . lots needs to be done! Pray for our retreat and all that God has planned too!!


Andrea said...

Praise God!

Flamingo Mama said...

it sounds like you have been blessed with incredible friends!