Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last week in pictures

Just a couple of pics of the fun we've had lately. . .all the pics are blurry b/c photographing my kids is like photographing a herd of elephants! And, these were all taken on my iphone!

Last week, we headed to the pet store. This is one of my kids' favorite activities! They SO want to trade in DumpTruck for a cuter puppy! Notice Brayden's hands around the puppy's neck! Davis LOVES these puppies! This particular puppy adored him!
I have been wanting to take my kids to the local firestation. I didn't really know how to schedule a tour or anything so I just dropped in one afternoon to ask. They told me to get my kids out of the car, right then and there and come right in. The kids thought it was SO fun! Fireman Sean showed us everything about the firehouse, engine and rescue truck. The kids were in awe. . though Brayden was bummed that they didn't have a firepole (like in FireHouse Dog!). The firemen agreed with him that they were bummed about that too!

Of course, baby Amber and Brayden's doggie had to come along for the tour as well.

Saturday was spent at my parents' pool. My kids LOVE to swim. Gracie floats around in her armies (floaties? whatever you call them!) and Brayden swims like a fish. Davis can now swim on his own, but doesn't know how to take a breath so he still has to have one of us available. He stands at the edge saying, "ready, set" until you notice! The kids had fun practicing synchronized swimming (we saw it on the Olympics and had to try. . oh my that's hard!) with me and goofing off with Greg. Here is Brayden standing on Greg's head. . which is PRETTY high up!


Andrea said...

Great idea about just stopping in at a fire station!

Dearest Jessica said...

very fun!

ps...these pictures are horrible! it's a good thing the kids are cute!

julie said...

great pics brandi! thanks for sharing some of your week with us...did u get my pic i sent u?

Jared, Jen and Andon said...

Fun pictures! I miss those little stinkers so much!

Are you sure they so want to trade dumptruck for a cuter puppy?! :) Love you!

Kristen said...

We will take Dumptruck at any time when you are ready to give him up. We will also allow Greg visitation rights.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Cute pictures.

Jaime said...

How funny that the kids wanted to trade in Dumptruck for a cuter dog! So, what stopped you? Our family took a trip the pet store last night. Allison and Annalise really wanted a kitty. Too bad Daddy said we couldn't ever have another animal (still heart broken over our beloved Bandit). Bummer!

Cute pictures!

Amber S. said...

I agree in Dumptruck! ;-) Brandi, you ARE fun mom! An impromptu trip to the fire house?! And I am so happy Baby Amber got to come along too!

Tiff said...

Made my wa over from...wait a minute I can't really remember how I got here! lol
Anyway, your kiddos are beautiful, what fun you must have with them!
I agree, trade in the dumptruck :o)

Angel said...

FUN! Angel