Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heaven vs. Africa

I know I just posted, but I couldn't resist sharing this sweet story.

Yesterday in the car, Brayden tells me, "Did you know that we don't have to sleep when we get to heaven?" He is thrilled, since napping is his least favorite thing to do! I respond simply, "Isn't that great? God is so good! He's going to make heaven so much fun"

Just now, I clicked over to The Larson Quest to celebrate that they JUST PASSED COURT in Ethiopia and have a new little daughter, Sabrina waiting for them!! (go over and congratulate them!) Brayden sees a picture of Sabrina laying in bed. He asks, "is that Africa?" I tell him that this is a little girl waiting in Africa for her family to come get her. He looks surprised and said, "that can't be. . .there is no sleeping in Africa" I was confused for a moment before I remembered yesterday's conversation and asked, "Do you mean like in Heaven? Do you think that's what Africa is like?"

How funny is that? Only MY son would think that Africa and Heaven were quite a bit alike! I love that kid!


Christine said...

How precious!

The Vance's said...

My daughter Halli (4yrs old) is always asking if she can go to heaven. She says she can't wait to play with Jesus and run around Heaven and play with all the animals.

Brittani said...

Brandi, too sweet. I just LOVE what you are teaching your children. You are truly raising up a Godly generation.
ps thanks so much for helping me with my blog. you are awesome!

Vanessa said...

I LOVE hearing the innocent words from a child's mouth!! Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

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