Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meet Molly

**This post was written on Sunday about Saturday and Sunday

Last night and this morning were spent in Nabakalu at the Home of Champions, a ministry of Kings Church in Kampala and a church plant in this neighborhood. They actually started an orphanage in a deserted area, added a well and within no time, a whole village moved in. It depicts again the concept that in Africa, Water is life.

We had only a few hours last night with the children (88 in the orphanage and another 100 in the neighborhood). We spent our first moments giving out biscuits and juice again. The thing that struck me here was how organized these children were. It demonstrated to us just how good the leadership here is! These children all lined up orderly and as soon as they got their treats they headed to a part of the field to sit and eat. This was a HUGE difference as in most of our other sites, the kids kept trying to get back in line for more food or pushing in line. The guys spent their time playing soccer for a few hours, which the kids loved and the girls and I just spent time with the kids. . .we cut our time short, however, when I got the phone call from Greg that he had started throwing up and being sick! Poor thing. . That's a whole other story. Possibly a glog once its far enough removed to actually laugh at!

Let's talk about today. . .my breaking point. I knew that God was calling me to Uganda for more than just direction. . .but to change my heart. . .to break me in new ways. Part of that breaking began last night. While the kids were signing their welcome songs (we have video to show you later, though I know you will all make fun of my lovely dancing which they called me up to do!), Jess (the volunteer who is living at this orphanage) leaned over to whisper to me which of the children were just diagnosed with hiv/aids. She pointed out Oliva (the girl in the picture with the striped shirt) who became one of my closest little friends and a sibling group of 3 (one of whom is pictured to the left). That sibling group is most likely already in full blown aids. . .you could even see it in their faces. I began to cry. . .the hiv / aids status had just hit me in the face again.

This morning, we went to church in the village. A FUN experience. . .oh my, wait until you see the video of Pastor Jon dancing!! After church, we had a village-wide feast. My sweet new friend Christine from California, provided the money to serve not just the orphanage but the entire village! This included a goat that was slaughtered for our meal. This was a true treat as most of these villagers have meat in their diet only a couple of times a year. The whole village was celebrating this wonderful feast! We added a bit more revelry by bringing out the good old balloon animals! The kids just go crazy!! We stayed with balloon hats because of the sheer number of kids.

We were having a blast just playing with kids, eating (though the goat and beef were both tasty, I pretty much just took one bite!) and getting ready to leave. I looked over and noticed a young girl (maybe 10 or 11) sitting by herself. I went over and sat next to her to ask why she was sitting there. I immediately knew that something was wrong. I put my arms around her and she began to cry and then sob. I just wrapped my arms around her and began to cry myself. Remember that most children speak little to no englih so finding out what was wrong was difficult, she just said that she felt alone. I simply wrapped my arms around her, crying and began to pray that her heavenly Father would wrap His arms around her and comfort her. I told her it was ok to cry. . .Jesus collects her tears because she is so precious to Him and hurts with her. I then went to find Auntie Sarah to try to translate for us. She didn't quite understand either and thought that b/c she said that her heart hurt, that she meant a heart problem. She kept saying “sick” as well. I took her to the building to sit in the shade and talk more. Jess came over and found out that her name was Molly and she was a student at the school, but not living in the orphanage. Soon, Molly looked at me and whispered, “my mom is dead” and began to weep again. I couldn't speak. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was, but began sobbing with her instead. I just held her and told that it was ok to cry. An older man from the village walked over to ask why she was crying, when I told him he responded with “she doesn't need to cry. Tell her no crying”. I simply stated that it was ok for her to cry. I held her and reminded her again that Jesus felt her pain and that she could find Ms Jess anytime she needed to cry or talk.

(Here is a video introducing Molly. . obviously, I am having a hard time holding it together. . .but I wanted you to meet her and remember her)
At this point, Chrstine sat down next to me and buried her head in my back, sobbing as well. We looked at eahc other and said, “just keep it together until we get on the bus”. We made it to the bus. . .along with 100 children. Oliva and one of the girls from that sibling group I told you about (I knew but cannot remember her name right now) followed us onto the bus to hug. Oliva just held me and cried not wanting us to leave.

When we left, Chrstine and I both broke down. How do you handle this? How do you sit next to a child and not just sob. I guess we just do. I'm leaving to live in my brokenness, to weep with this special one and show her that it IS sad that her mother died. Her pain means something to me. Not just because it is a sad story, but because MOLLY hurts and I now understand in small part the love that Jesus feels for Molly.

Will you print out this picture and remember to pray for her as well?


jena said...

Welcome home... thank you for introducing us to Molly. This sweet girl is going to have some mighty prayer warriors!

Anonymous said...

So glad you all are home! This sweet Molly and her story make me weep too! I will remember to pray for her! Love ya! Christie

Vanessa said...

I'll be lifting Molly up in my prayers. I know what it is to hold a weeping child in my arms and God convicts our hearts to remember and pray for these children!!

steffany said...

Man girl, I love you so much! Lord, thank you for connecting me with Brandi. Lord I just come to your feet and lift up Molly to you. Please show her how deep and wide your love is for her.

Wendi said...

Wow...thank you for showing us Jesus; I needed to see Him today. You and that precious heart of yours are changing the world.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

It just breaks my heart to hear this story. I'm glad that you cried with her and gave her the opportunity to cry without any shame.

Anonymous said...