Monday, November 17, 2008


My phone was erased again! This time I did it. . so I could sign up for mobileme ( where you can keep your photos, calendar and contacts all synched with your computer and cell phone! But, that means I'm back to square one again.

If we talk on the phone, would you email me your phone numbers?



mommy zabs said...

when you write your email like that the spam bots can find it so don't be surprised if you get a lot of spam. always do like this..

eejackson (at) mac (dot) com ... that way they don't pick it up :)


Lisa said...

I about lost it when I read this! How did you allow that to happen again! lol :) Remember we decided children shouldn't play with our phones, oh wait, you did it?! :) Too funny! I sent you a response on the moving to your other email, do you check this one more, which one to use???