Friday, November 7, 2008

Sea World, Disney and Animal Kingdom. . .and that was just 2 days this week!

This has been a CRAZY week!

We had a bit of a reunion of strangers going on this week. Scott and Katy M have been in town all week! Whohoo! Katy and I became friends over our adoption agency yahoo group and have continued our friendship through blogging, emailing and chatting on the phone. They have adopted 3 precious children from Liberia who we just LOVE! It has been such a joy to see these children in person. We spent Monday all day at Sea World and Wednesday at Disney World. Yes, that was 2 theme park days in ONE week! For a Floridian. . that's considered taxing=) On Tuesday night, Russ and Angel came over for an election party. Such fun! It was so much fun to be with a group of friends. . .and realize that we just met in person that night! Does that make us a bit weird? Unfortunately, no pictures from that night =(

Thursday, Katie Davis flew in. We are having a blast dreaming about Uganda, making fund raising plans and laughing a lot in the midst of it. Tom Davis (not related to Katie Davis!) also arrived on Thursday. He and Greg spent Thursday afternoon and this morning golfing. . yeah, I know. . taxing, huh?! We spent Thursday night with Scott, Katy and Katie at the pool eating pizza and then brainstorming in the condo that night with Pastor Jon about Uganda. It's been a great week so far. It has been FILLED with new friends who share a common passion for orphans and for advocating for them (and adopting them!)

Here are a few pics to sharethese first couple are from our morning at Animal Kingdom with Rachel!
PS: the kids really think they went to Africa b/c of the Africa area of Animal Kingdom and the safari that you go on!
The boys sit like this anytime they needed to "hold on" because of a bumpy ride!
Katy and Cephas!
Scott and Midge
Scott with precious Haddie


Kelly said...

Looks like a successful day!! Or week!!

Brittani said...

What great pics! Looks like you had a fun week. I love the picture of the boys holding on to each other.....too cute.

Vanessa said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I'm glad you got to spend this week with your blog friends who have the same passions as you!

Dearest Jessica said...

What a busy guys are going to be so tired and bored this week!

Diane Larson said...

Brandi, What fun to see everyone! We leave on the 22nd for Ethiopia!! I love how you are allowing God to use you.
Much love,