Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks and Giving

My friend, Brooke, recently had a great idea. Playdates with a Purpose! Once a month, we are going to throw a playdate that is meaningful. . .both for the moms and the kids.
This month, we did a "Thanks and Giving" playdate as our kickoff. The "cover charge" for this playdate was a non-perishable thanksgiving food. We collected enough food for 10 families!!!

Brooke, my creative half, planned these sweet crafts for the kids. They made oreo turkeys, made thankful turkeys and even had a playdough table! After some park time (I was not so "up" on my photo taking!) we gathered the kids for our Thankful Game. This was my part of the day which I basically stole from Jackie who does this every year with their family. We sat the kids in circles and went around the circle 3 times saying what we are thankful for and giving them an m&m every time. Then, we talked about how God has provided so much for us and how we need to have good perspective in our lives and be aware of what we have that others throughout the world do not. It was a great first Playdate with a Purpose! We plan on doing Operation Christmas Child next month and are brainstorming the rest of the year. . .we'll probably do a blog or add it to KidsLake when we have all our stuff so that others can do the same thing without having to think it through so much. . if you guys want us to? We've thought of soles for souls, a field trip with the Rescue Center kids, a group lemonaid stand and a few more that I can't remember right now! Do you guys have any ideas? It would be great if it wasn't a financial contribution but could be something that they bring. . what do you think?
Thanks, Brooke for being so passionate about our kids and their need to learn about caring for others! Thanks also to all the girls who came and gave!!

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Vanessa said...

That's an awesome idea!! I think more of us need a playdate with a purpose!!