Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To the children of Uganda and Liberia

This is my all time new favorite song! Tonight, as I ran and listened to this song. . .I remember the children of Liberia and Uganda who have stolen my heart. Oh how it swells my heart to know that even now the Lord is wooing them with His love. He is mighty to save them, takes great delight in them, will quiet their little hearts with His love and is singing over them with His song. What a great and mighty God I serve. I wish I could sing this song to each of these children. . to look into their eyes and somehow convey the truth that I am sure they question when life feels so overwhelming, "you are BEING Loved".


Greg said...

Good Job

Terri said...

Brandi ... I love your heart. It is a glimpse into God's heart for these children. Thank you for the reminder !!!!

Brittani said...

That was awesome! Great Job on the video. I love the passion that God has given you for those sweet children.

Ami Carr said...

Thanks Brandi. You are inspiring! God is at work using you and I am blessed to read about it!
take a look at my blog today and the link to the "How big is God" conference in Liberia in March.
Many Blessings!

Donna Barber said...

AWESOME! LOVE THE SONG-not heard it before.