Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Best of The Family Pics and Christmas Morning Kids

Our family picture from this Christmas. . .along with the cutest ones of our kids on Christmas morning! In case you can't read it, their shirts say "Dear Santa, It wasn't me" It's actually kind of funny because I usually don't get shirts that make kids being bad, funny and we don't do Santa. . but these were so cute and my mom get them for the kids. Brayden, thinks it's the funniest shirt EVER. He wants to wear them anytime we are around someone else and he'll show you his shirt and tell you what it says with this smile that says, "isn't this just hilarious?" too funny! gotta love those striped pants too! I love Christmas jammies!

This is the best family shot. . .which is MUCH better than last years! Still, not the best. . .I was actually the weak link this time as my eyes were closed in our cutest picture (thanks Anderson side of the family! hehe) We can't wait to have our family pics taken by Cory Callahan Photog soon. . .I've got to get on scheduling that!
Last years. . .just to remind you of how bad it was! And look at how much my kids have grown!Sitting in front of the tree and looking cute. If only I could keep Gracie still long enough. Maybe we should stick with video for right now? hmmmm
Sitting on the couch with their stockings. . .(as I write that I'm wondering. . why the heck did I write that? the picture is PRETTY self-explanatory. . it's not like people can't figure that out on their own! haha)


Lisa said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! :) Looks like great times! :) You should see the beautiful scarf my Braeden picked from the Dollar Store for Grandpa! (A scarf for FL???) LOL he was SO PROUD! :)

Kari said...

Love the PJ's and your pictures are adorable!

Brittani said...

I think that you are too critical of your family pics. I loved your pic last year & this year's is adorable! We didn't even take a Christmas Pic this year. oops. Good thing we already have more pics than we know what to do with or I would've been bummed. Love you girl. I had fun with you guys on new years. the pics are Unedited, but on my gallery if you want to download any of them.

Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful!! Hope you had a great Christmas, and have a wonderful 2009! Wanda

Dearest Jessica said...

great pics we still need to celebrate!