Thursday, January 15, 2009

A birthday wish and story of blogger friends IRL

Have I told you about Anne? I love this girl and it's her BIRTHDAY today!

A few weeks ago, she was in town and called me up. First of all, let me tell you how much I love that! love, love, love getting to hang with blogger friends IRL (in real life. . haha, or should I say lol?).

She was on her way through the beautiful state of FL for hubby Chris' 10045th doctor's appointment and stopped in Orlando to have some fun with their little one. The funny thing is that I was already spending the day with another blogger friend, Lisa, who was in town as well! Little did I know that Lisa and Anne knew each other through the good 'ole RLC community!

So, we all met up at Downtown Disney and had a late lunch at the brand new T-Rex Restaurant (think Rainforest Cafe but cooler!). Can I tell you again that I LOVE these girls? We were 3 blogger women chatting it up with 7 kids between us (only 2 white kids!) and a VERY understanding and awesome hubby, Chris who didn't seem to think it was weird at all that we were online friends! In fact, Chris was so cool that I kept telling him that next time Greg is coming because those 2 would definitely hit it off!

Lisa, Anne, Chris and I had a blast sitting amongst the chaos that was our children (high on coke and pizza) and talking about adoption, foster care and what else, Africa! Anne and I stand in amazement of our friend, Lisa who is a single mom and super hero. no joke, this woman pursues God's heart (if you don't currently read her blog. . .well, you should!).

I was able to share our vision for Uganda and how we felt God calling us to serve in this way with HopeChest. These girls were so supportive! They both are dying to go on a trip and I made Lisa promise that Olivia's first trip would be with us!

Anne and Chris were SO excited about this idea. In fact, she immediately said to Chris, "We have to pitch this to our new mission's pastor!" Then, she got home and wrote about it on her blog saying. . .I'm pitching this to our Church, but if they aren't interested, I want to sponsor a WHOLE orphan community just through friends and blog readers!

How cool is that girl? Talk about catching the vision and having a heart for orphans! She has written about it on facebook, posted on her blog multiple times. . .and I'm guessing her friends, family, co-teachers and church family have heard a TAD about Uganda lately!

I am so very thankful for this crazy thing called blogging. I have connected with some amazing woman who follow hard after God. I am blessed to call them friends and today on Anne's birthday, I would like to introduce you guys to a woman (and her awesome family) who will point you more to Jesus. Please go with her a Happy Birthday today. . .and tell her I sent you! Oh yeah. . and pray for Anne and her passion for Uganda. Pray for her church to have clear direction if they are supposed to come on this trip (with Anne!) and for Anne to know exactly what God is calling her to in all of this! Happy Birthday, Anne!!!


Dearest Jessica said...

I was wondering about that resturant. Looks like a fun day.

Lisa said...

Such a great day! Jessica, next time you need to join us!!! :) Brandi, I need a copy of that last photo, how great! :) Love ya!

Jman's momma said...

You crazy girl!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Funny thing today - I have a AHOPE shirt and now an INSPI(RED) shirt and the shirt with the country on the front and World AIDS day on the back that you told me about. SO I already wear the AHOPE shirt ALL THE TIME!!! and my bracelet and give to everybody (I went ahead bought 20 of them at Christmas so I could get the hoodie:) that makes sense right??? ANWAY!! I have worn each shirt this week to school. One of my kid's mom said to me "Ok so now every time I see you, you have on an Africa shirt." Yes ma'm and this is why - so you will ask me about it.

Oh and I have a friend's mom who wants to go - medical field!!! and a college student who has ALWAYS wanted to go to Africa (studying to be a nurse.) So still waiting to see how this is all going down...

And I ditto Lisa - would love to have that picture, well actually all of them because all I did was video.