Monday, January 12, 2009

Doma Int'l and a trip to Uganda

Doma Int'l is a new non-profit. It is headed up by Julie Clark, who's husband is the one who led us to Uganda! She has an amazing new ministry that they are just starting up.

Doma's Vision:
heavy hearts will come home laughing, with armloads of blessing…
works in the lives of vulnerable children and young families through crisis prevention and early intervention. We bring the peace, comfort, and stability found in God’s definition of ‘home’ to those whose experience of ‘home’ is yet incomplete, seeking to rebuild communities by providing the joy found in being part of God’s family.
doma exists to. . .
Extend health to vulnerable young families and children.
Equip parents and educators through early intervention, training, encouragement, and counseling.
Empower children by meeting basic living needs, supplying tools for emotional and spiritual health, and through education & job training.
Embrace children and young families with God’s grace and the love of a family.

I got an email this morning from Amber Kaufman, who is a friend and nurse who is working with Doma. They are planning a trip to Uganda in March. I thought I'd let you guys know about it. I know many of you are anxious to go to Uganda. . but our trip in April doesn't really fit the bill. Our trip is more for pastors / ministry leaders and the lay volunteers who will help them head up a ministry to sponsor an orphanage among their church, business, online community or other groups. This trip for Doma, however, is open to anyone looking to serve. I thought there might be those out there who'd be interested!

About the trip -- the dates are March 4-15. We will be setting up clinics around Kampala seeing both adults and children. Currently there are 2 nurse practitioners (including myself), a physicians assistant, a physician, 2 nurses, and some lay people. I am looking for 2 more people -- medical or non-medical. If they are non-medical, we will train them to do minimal medical things (e.g. take temperatures, weigh kids, checking patients in -- getting their names, ages, and what they are complaining about). If they really didn't want to do medical, we could use them to help Jerry play with kids while they wait. The goals of the trip are to provide medical care to adults and children that probably have never seen a doctor. Also, to connect with kids, laying the foundation for future doma work, and getting people aware of the issues facing Ugandan people -- getting people involved with helping.

Cost of the trip -- we just booked airfare from Dulles to Entebee for $1164 (prices should be good for a little while longer). So unless they live in DC, they will need to also get a flight to Dulles. Ground fees for the trip are $1200.

If someone would like to come with us, they can contact Amber and she can send them the application and the rest of that type of stuff. Her email address is akaufman726 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Amy said...

hi brandi- do you know a website for doma? i looked on google but could only find doma in realtion to plasma tv's! i'm doing nursing right now and would love to know more:)