Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Eve

I haven't posted about our awesome New Year's Eve. . .I just received these pictures from my Aunt Shannon and had to post them now!

Brittani and I and the kids invited ourselves over to Uncle Barry and Aunt Shannon's. You guys KNOW how much we love hanging out there. Mitch (the 15 year old) actually canceled going to a party to hang out at the house with us old fogies and our kiddos! We had a blast. We ate a TON, looked at blogs (my Aunts brother was coming home from China with their new little one the next day, so we had to make our airport plans!), went outside for a dance party / fireworks show and played games. The littles stayed up until 10 (SUPER late for us!) because even though they had no naps. . .they are happy as a lark with the awesome teenagers giving them undivided attention! Once the kids went down, it was time for "the game of things" which got a bit crazy. We celebrated the new year in true Goff style. . .teasing each other mercilessly! Here are some pics to enjoy.

The girls! From left to right: Shannon, Me, Gracie, Allie, Brittani and Anna
The boys (who did NOT want to be photographed) back row: Mat, Bradley, Brennan and Tom
front row: Mitch, JJ, Barry, Greg and my boys Brayden and DAvis

Allie reading the girls a story
Brayden and Brennan. He is such a sweet boy and I see so much of him in Brayden. I'm so glad that he'll have Brennan as a role model


Laura said...

they are precious!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I already told your sister, but I'll tell you too...
I can't believe you don't let your kids stay up till midnight. I think I might just get kicked out of the "mean moms club" for letting mine.
And, don't worry, I have let them do that since Jordan was a baby.

btw, cute pictures :)

Valarie Daly said...

It has to be something with the name Brennen that makes them so sweet :-) My Brennen has such a gentle sweet spirit, and I love how he has compassion, especially when his mom is hurting. Never take for granted having a large extended family that enjoys being together!

Brittani said...

Cute post, Brandi. I love the pic of Gracie in her new year's crown. Sweet Girl!