Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Birthday Bonanza

This week has been CRAZY! My 28th birthday was on Monday. . so I basically started eating on Saturday! Yeah, there's a reason that I had to make sure I got my run in tonight!

The weekend was wonderful actually. . .

I ran 10 miles with my friends Allison and Christie on Saturday morning and had a breakfast / early lunch date with Greg!!! I splurged by getting what I really want when I go to ChickFilA! Saturday night, I got to hang out with my girlfriends from growing up! What fun that was. . .our conversations were a bit different than in high school (no more details necessary!) but the connection was the same. I also started the major eating with Cassie's homemade alfredo sauce and garlic bread.

Sunday was small group (with a cupcake for breakfast, provided by my sweet friend, Jan!), challenging and encouarging sermon, lunch at our new favorite spot Stoningtons with the Galbraiths and a superbowl party (not that I watched ONE bit of the Superbowl) where I ate more than my fair share! haha

Monday morning. . .well, my kids didn't get the memo that it was my birthday and they were supposed to not fight at all! oh well. . .we spent the morning working on laundry and cleaning the house. . oh the glamorous life of a mom. My sisters and mom came with lunch and we ended up cleaning out the boys room, which now looks AMAZING! I should have done before and after. . .but I probably wouldn't have posted them b/c it was so bad!

My precious friends, Monica and Brooke planned the rest of my birthday. Monica and I went and got mani/pedis, which was a HUGE treat. I seriously couldn't even remember my last manicure. . maybe 5 years ago? such a nice treat to be pampered! We then, met up with a few friends for Make Your Own Chocolate (I told you the eating continued!). That was a blast!!!! I'm considering eating just veggies tomorrow so that I can pig out on my handmade chocolate tomorrow night! We ended the night with SUSHI which we all love and more friends joined us there! It was such a sweet night and they made me feel so special. Thanks girls!

Oh yeah, I would be remiss in not thanking Facebook. Facebook, thank you for reminding every person I've ever met that it was my birthday! For a year where I have been not so liked by quite a few people, well. . .getting 100 birthday messages on Facebook sure was healing!

Thanks again!!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a good one.

Dearest Jessica said...

Very fun, we will have to celebrate next week!

jena said...

I am glad you enjoyed your day... or was that dayS?

Thanks for chatting last night!


Kelly said...

Glad you had time to take some time for YOU!! Looks like you had a fun few days!!

Spankie said...
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brooke said...

I am digging those white hats. Such a fun night! I do plan on making a trip back to chocolate. That was some serious fun! What a sweet friend you have in Monica, she is quite the party planner :-) I'm glad you had a fun and relaxing time on your birthday. Love you!!

Melissa said...

How can anyone not like YOU?! I think you're awesome :) Gonna be eamiling you hopefully tomorrow. btw.

Happy late birthday! :)

Misi said...

Happy Late Birthday Brandi!!!
Glad you had a wonderful time and I'm with Melissa- how CAN ANYONE NOT LIKE YOU????

Anonymous said...

wish we could have been there! Love you and so glad your b-day was fabulous!

Christina said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brandi! Glad that you had a great day!!!