Friday, February 27, 2009

But. . .I Can't Afford It

Many people think adoption isn't for them. . .because they can't afford international adoption.

Have you checked THIS out? Heart Gallery is a ministry across the nation of photographers who take the time to beautifully capture images of children across the nation who are in our foster care system and awaiting adoption. Their goal is to take pictures that capture people's attention. . .that take down the foster kid image and replace it with an "oh my dear, isn't that child adorable"!

They just put the local Heart Gallery Exhibit up in our church. Man, these kids have captured my heart already. I was just talking to friends tonight about a little 3 year old girl listed! There is also a sibling group that has stolen my heart, hook line and sinker! The 5 year old little girl is to die for beautiful and looks just like the little girl in Slumdog Millionaire (an amazing movie if you haven't seen it yet!).

Check out the Heart Gallery for your state. . seriously. . just take a few minutes and check these kids out. Did you know that it is FREE to adopt from the system? And, I believe (in Florida at least) your child will also have 4 years of college!!! There are many other benefits of adopting from right in your own backyard. . .two of them are HERE and HERE. . .two boys who are precious beyond comprehension to me and to their brand new forever families who have longed for them as long as I have known them. Devin was actually in the Heart Gallery just last year!

Check it out. . .comment if you have questions. I'd be happy to help or point you to someone who can. While I adopted internationally, I believe that adoption is adoption. . .it's finding a way to fulfill God's command to take care of widows and orphans. It doesn't matter WHERE they are from. . just that we obey! There are children in our own neighborhoods who need families. If you've considered adoption, but thought the cost was prohibitive, you were wrong! Check HERE to find your little (or big!) one. These children NEED you. If you aren't currently ready to adopt, pick a child, let them capture your heart. . .and pray dilligently for them!


Dearest Jessica said...

So sad to see many of the same kids as last year.

They are all beautiful!

Can't wait to see the display Sunday.

Vanessa said...

They just got one up and running in our area!! The kids are adorable but are all older so far. Since I'm only 29 and my son is 11 I don't want to go older than him. I think this is an AWESOME program though!

Joyful Living said...

North Dakota had their unveiling just before Christmas last year. A few kids found forever families! I encourge anyone interested to get involved with this!

Laura said...

How far ahead did you need to schedule this?? Thanks for reminding me about it!
I am studying the life of Moses in BSF - so I am right there in Numbers with you!

Danielle said...

OK, Brandi - you may think I am royally dense, BUT I just figured this out yesterday! I was speaking with a friend who had adopted domestically and she was telling me where to look and such. Call me crazy, but I was VERY confused about how our adoption system in the US works - and it's FAR simpler than I had imagined! Now, after just gathering a little info, I get it. We're attending an orientation in our area in just a couple weeks! Like you said, there are children even within our own communities that need help.

Karin said...

Hi Brandi. Mine and Erics are for adoption, as you know. We have been in the line for China but it's pretty bleak... it'll be 2 years in August with no end in sight. We have discussed, although totally heartbroken with the idea, of pulling out of China and switching to fostering/domestic. We are expecting our bio. little girl in June and really would love for her to have a sibling and adoption is the only way Eric and i can imagine that happening. Thank you for posting this. I have heard such horror stories about domestic Adoption, so this is good and takes away some of the apprehention I have!

four kids for us said...

Hey Brandi,
You have touched on something that is near and dear to my heart. We have two precious daughters from the US foster care system and could not imagine our life without them. When the Lord called us to our adoption journey in 2004, I wanted so desperately to go to Africa and adopt a child. The Lord kept telling my husband and I that our "Africa" was here and he needed our voice for adoption to be for the children who wait in the foster care system. It was hard at first for me to give up my long life (since I was 12) dream of international adoption but in the end ALL children need the love of parents and the message that they are of great value and have not been forgoten. We are once again on the journey of adoption and we will be adopting out of the foster care system. One day he may call me to Africa but for now my Africa is here!
Thanks for sharing about the Heart Gallery.
I would also like to journal (blog)for the Red Letter campaign and I am not hearing back from them. I followed the steps online but nothing seems to be happening. Could you help me? Thanks:) Kathleen

Wasteland Ministries said...

I'm glad to read something about domestic adoption.

It seems international adoption had become sort of the "cool" thing to do.

Of course, we want kids everywhere to have homes. It's just good to know that we still care about the kids in our own backyards, too.