Saturday, February 14, 2009

An EASY way to make a difference!

You guys already know this. . but if not. . .I am heading to Uganda, East Africa on April 28th! I will be leading a trip for Children's HopeChest. This trip is for pastors and church leaders who may want to have their congregation sponsor an ENTIRE orphanage! We already have 4 churches committed with 3 more considering the trip. Our trip will consist of visiting orphanages, orphan care points and an area of N. Uganda with over 1,000 children living on their own in what are called Child Headed Households. Our prayer is that 400-700 children will be sponsored through this one trip. Please pray with me as we make our final preparations and travel.

I have an opportunity for you! (surprise, surprise, right?!) With this economy, I have talked to many who's hearts are breaking because their giving has just HAD to go down. They want to give more and more, however, are finding their personal budgets strained. This trip provides a unique giving opportunity. POINTS. We want to be able to offer scholarships to the pastors traveling as many would not be able to take the trip without them. Thankfully, with this economy the number of points needed for int'l travel has gone down as well! We can fly a pastor to Uganda for as little as 80,000 points.
**Just as an FYI, if this pastor sponsors an orphanage of 100 children (and about 95% of the pastors that travel DO sign up) this would translate into $40,800 of donations to the orphans of Uganda in the FIRST YEAR! Getting these pastors to Uganda is a definite investment in the kingdom.

Do you have points that you might want to donate? This is a great way to give more without stressing an already tight budget!!! We can use the following types of points:
AMERICAN EXPRESS DELTA NORTHWEST CONTINENTAL (though this is a bit tricky and costs just a tad. . which we would cover)

If you have ANY points you want to donate, please contact me. (leave a comment or email me at brandi (at) kidslake (dot) org Any amount will help since we can combine the points into one account!

Thank you SO much for considering this unique opportunity to get involved in an amazing work of God in Uganda, East Africa. I have used photos of little ones who are awaiting a church to sponsor them. . .the pastor you help may be the one who makes the difference! I can't wait to update you later on all of the children who's lives will be changed as a result of your faithful giving if you feel so led!

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jena said...

I am so thankful for a donation of points so that Keith can be there right now!!!