Thursday, March 5, 2009

Growing up too fast

How precious are my friend, Jena's kiddos?  Aren't they adorable?  I love their bright eyes and beaming smiles!  

Jena and I were talking yesterday about the Rapha kids. . .and why we give.  I couldn't get the stories she told me out of my head and wrote this.  . .(I asked her before posting it)

6 months ago, Deo lived in a child headed household.  He had an older brother who was the head of his household with no adults to care for them and watch over them.  Rarely are children in child headed households able to go to school.  Without an adult, your chances of being able to pay for your school fees are practically non-existent.  When Deo did go to school, he had to arrive early and spend time combing the garden for rocks so as to pay for that day of school.  He was 5 at the time.

Rose on the other hand had a job.  There would be no school for her because she was needed at home.  Her job?  Babysitting 2 babies.  Yes, go back and look at the picture.  You are right, she was 4.  A 4 year old unable to start school because instead she spent the day alone in her hut caring for 2 babies.  

Talk about growing up too fast. . .We complain in America about our kids growing up too fast because they want a cellphone at age 12, want to wear make-up at 8 or think they can go to the mall without us!  Here are 4 and 5 year old children unable to even BE children.  They are forced to take on jobs.  They are unable to go, play and learn at school and just be kids.  We have an opportunity to stop this.  As parents, we can say "It's NOT ok for these children to lose their childhood" and do something.  We can help RESCUE RAPHA and little ones just like Rose for whom the offer to feed the children lunch while attending Rapha Primary School is enough of an incentive for their parents to send them.  Not for Rose and Deo, who are now safe, sound and healing in the arms of their new parents. . .but for children just like them.  For little ones who's smiles beam and who's eyes shine when they smile.  For little ones like Deo who Rapha took in so they didn't have to live alone.  Help us give these kids back their childhood.

Join us. . make a difference. . .today. (make sure to note RESCUE RAPHA in the notes!)

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Erin @ T5M said...

Unbelievable and gut wrenching. We just have no idea.

Thank you for sharing the plight of others, it strips of the excuse of "not knowing".

Praising God for you today!